Children~ Our Spiritual Thermometers!

Welcome to the 7th Part of our Core Christian Parenting Fundamentals Series!  I would encourage you to read the first 6 if you haven't had a chance yet! Today we are talking more about expectations and letting our children be our spiritual thermometers as parents.  Do the expectations our children feel and sense match up with what our heart desire really is for our kids? If we are preaching the scriptures and righteous living in [...]

Purposeful Parenting #6~ Looking in the Mirror

We just talked about Expectations in our "Core Christian Parenting Fundamentals Series" last post here. I believe whatever expectations we hold our children to, we should also hold ourselves to. Expectations are things such language usage, dressing modestly, talking back, being sassy, having a rotten attitude, oh the list could go on forever. My point is we should be: Treating them as we would want to be treated If we wouldn’t want to be corrected [...]

Purposeful Parenting #5~ Revealing Expectations

Are expectations talked about in your home? What are the expectations your children sense? Have you asked them? Without prompting them?  Do they feel pressure?  Do they feel they have to perform or you will be mad at them? We have to realize these questions will reveal a few things! 1) What we really focus on. 2) What our children feel/sense is most important to us 3) What they will most likely do when they [...]

Purposeful Parenting #4~ Expectations~ To Have or Not to Have

Expectations To Have or Not to Have Have you heard, “Be careful not to have too high of expectations for your children because you don’t want to put too much pressure on them or they will rebel”??? Or testimonies from MKs and PKs (missionary/pastor), who talk about how much pressure was in their homes to “perform.”  When I was in University a few of my friends were MKs and PKs.  They all had similar stories [...]

Purposeful Parenting #3~ Facing Realities

Purposeful Parenting #3~ Facing Realities As I mentioned in a previous post, many people comment on how well~behaved our children are... while they are such a blessing to Isaac and I, I have to say something about this.  I hope and pray you don’t take this as I am gloating.  That is NOT my intention at all.  I am sure many of you have experienced people in your own lives that have complemented you on [...]

Purposeful Parenting #2: Calling Sin What it is

Purposeful Parenting #2~ Calling Sin What it Is Dealing with sin in our lives is essential.  We need to deal with our sin constantly and humbly as we are dealing with our children's sins along side them. First off I have to share an observation I have noticed... we as Christian parents need to change our verbiage.  When punishing, disciplining or correcting our children we need to call it what it is.  It is SIN!  [...]

Purposeful Parenting #1

Angie’s Journaling Thoughts                        Feb.10, 2012 Yesterday was a typical day at our house, aside from all the chores that go along with getting ready for a weekend trip with the family to the coast.  We still had our Thursday responsibilities of school work, cleaning, projects, organization chores, and practicing music in addition to meal planning, grocery shopping, loading and preparing the RV.  After getting through with the morning errands,(before the [...]

A New Spin on Prov 22:6~”To Train Up a Child”

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Mothers innately want what we think is best for our children. We dream about the days when our children are grown and envision a legacy. A legacy of faith. Dreaming, we exclude the trials, the suffering, and the challenges that life may bring; that God allows. Optimistic and hopeful, we cuddle our [...]