Congrats to Steve & Julieanne!

Saturday Steve Folin & Julieanne Byemantied the knot!It was a beautiful ceremony centered on Christ!It has been a pleasure to get to know these two talentedand motivated people.May the Lord bless your marriage and keep your hearts faithful to one another and Himself.May you always keep choosing to hold one another dear as you seek God's heart for your life together.In the hard and the good times, may you glorify Jesus through your reactions and [...]

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Nor Pac at the Tolpins

Lunch... Meeting... Snacks... Meeting...BBQ Dinner... Fun on the Tolpin Farm...Trampoline... Batter Up (Pitching Machine)...Smores around the Fire Pit...Fellowship...Some of our Managers hanging out after the meetingMonday we opened our home to Isaac's 38 managers and a few other significant people in the Division. We rented a tent for our back yard and set up tables chairs and a TV for PowerPoint and WAH LAH!I know you are probably thinking I am crazy but I LOVE [...]

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Prayers for a Spiritually Sleeping Country

We have been so blessed with Isaac's work to be treated to great trips all over the world. Monday we came home from Prague, Czech Republic. While much of what we saw seemed surreal (the architecture, historical buildings and landmarks) there was an overwhelming sense of emptiness. Before leaving for our trip I took a few weeks to study up a little on the Czech Republic, the history, the people, their religious history. Wow! I [...]

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