Impacting Words

A young mom recently asked me when I got motivated and began pursuing personal growth for my “job” as a home maker & mom.  Well when I became a personally responsible for my relationship with the Lord at age 15 I began this journey of personal growth, so I guess I’ve always had that desire within in me... I think that deep down we all have that yearning desire within us.  I believe it is [...]

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Austin’s Baptism

Our Son Austin was baptized on Saturday, October 2, 2010!The 2 ceremonies (ordinances) Christ commanded his church to perform are baptism and the Lord's Supper.Baptism symbolizes dying and rising with Christ and having sins washed away (Rom. 6:1-12). "What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? BY no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? Or don't you know that all of [...]

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Memorial Day Spring Management Mtg

As An Annual Tradition we host a Memorial Day Spring Meetingat our Home in Damascus!Despite a Setback with the weather, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!They even had time for a quick TUG OF WAR-NORTH VS. SOUTH(WASHINGTON VS. OREGON)Here are a few pictures of the Event!A Special Shout out to the Women who helped with cooking Lunch and Dinner for this crowd of fifty hungry hard working managers!Thank youMai BellJenn ForesemanKirsten MeyerKirsten TennhakenKeziah Carterand of coursemy [...]

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Praying for Today’s Martyrs

This morning I got an email from World Vision about their Pakistan Team that was brutally attacked. Six of there missionary staff were shoot and killed and eight more are hospitalized with injuries. Most of the mission work is done by local citizens. The attack was unprovoked but has temporarily paralyzed the good works for carrying for families and children in poverty.Let us be in prayer mourning these brothers and sisters who so sacrificially served [...]

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Thank You!

We want to give a BIG Thank You to all of you, friends, family, & Cutco Staff for all the generous gifts given for the Portland Rescue Mission.Last night we delivered the trunk load downtown with the kids! There sure is a huge need down there.Instead of prayer-walking... we spent the night prayer-driving with the kids.What a great way to spend time the week of Christmas!It really made an impact of a few of the [...]

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So our family is very excited to try to raise sleeping bags, hats & or coats for the Portland REscue Mission this winter. They currently have over 132 men sleeping there with only 50 beds. They are in desperate need for sleeping bags to pass out as well as have on hand to have available.With the days getting colder... we felt the need to get all the people/ resources we knew for this great cause. [...]

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VOM Action Packs

For more info on how you can send an ACTION PACK scroll down a couple posts to find the link.WooHoo! They are in the mail!VOM ACTION PACKS on their way to Sudan!

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Locks of Love

Megan got her first hair cut last night!She is Five now and looks so much older with her sweet hair cut.We took off 12 inches to donate to Locks of Love!

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All of You Who Prayed…

Thank you to all of you who prayed!I want to say a special thanks to all of you who prayed for Isaac and I this past weekend as I went with him to his end of summer conference in Las Vegas.Every Year the company has a conference here this same weekend... which happens to also be our Anniversary Weekend!So this year I was especially blessed to be able to go be with my husband.Thank you [...]

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Tolpin Healthy Habits

I have shared many of the struggles I have had with health over the last few years and wanted to share with you the top ten healthy habits, or battles(if you will), I have chosen to adopt over the last year. Disclaimer: Of course, I am not anal about these... we do everything in our power to not let these things get in the way of fellowship with others... In addition there have been seasons [...]

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