Dr. Mom’s Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathics and I have a love/hate relationship. Let me explain what I mean. I love homeopathy. It is AMAZING. 100% recommend it. However, because it works so well, it can further embed this "pop a pill mentality" I am so against... down to the very fiber of my being. No kidding, diet fades... um ya... I laugh at those. Never done one, never will. So this is part of where the "hate" aspects comes in. [...]

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What’s in Dr. Mom’s Medicine Cabinet?

What's in Mom's Medicine Cabinet this Fall? A few weeks ago I was doing an inventory of my medicine cabinet, organizing with my daughter, and teaching her more about homeopathy and herbal tinctures. It dawned on me, how I wish someone would have taught me before I was a mom. I could have avoided MANY doctor visits as a young mom, as well as using over the counter medicines every time there was a fever [...]

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Health Benefits of Amber Teething Necklaces

Amber Artisans has graciously donated a baby teething necklace to Leaving a Legacy for one of the readers! How to win will be at the bottom of the post! I was first introduced to these necklaces & bracelets by a friend who gave one to me for my birthday and one to each of my girls.  Shortly after reading up on these little trinkets, I meet a couple moms at church who had their babies [...]

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Leaving A Legacy of Health

This could potentially be a controversial post.  Many people's ideas of what is "healthy" vary so drastically, so bare with me.  The basic concept is this...  What habits we currently model for our children on a day to day basis in the areas of exercise, food and dietary choices, medicinal preferences, and even mental health (staying stimulated and not going stagnate) are imprinting in them habits and what they envision themselves doing when the grow [...]

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Treating Swine Flu Naturally

We are finally on the upswing from getting hit with this SWINE FLU!I am finding myself eating my words; when I made fun of how people were freaking out over this H1n1 scare. "It's a pandemic!"Well that "pandemic" got a hold of one Tolpin and made its contagious way through the lot of us over these past 2 weeks.So to make every thing we have gone through worth something. I desire to help you, the [...]

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Tolpin Healthy Habits

I have shared many of the struggles I have had with health over the last few years and wanted to share with you the top ten healthy habits, or battles(if you will), I have chosen to adopt over the last year. Disclaimer: Of course, I am not anal about these... we do everything in our power to not let these things get in the way of fellowship with others... In addition there have been seasons [...]

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Treating Mastitis

Natural Remedy for Mastitis:(Nursing Breast Infection)Echinacea Tincture (1 dropperful every 3 hours or as needed) Emergence-C Packets (1 every 3-5 hours with water)Phytolaca Decandra (Biorin pellets) (1 pellet under tongue, directly followed by Belladonna)Belladonna (Biorin pellets) (1 pellet under tongue)Use the homeopathy Biorin pellets as needed until you get a grip on the infectionI ususally put an hour between treatments unless it is really bad then only 30 minutesIn addition:Eating cabbage raw or blanching cabbage [...]

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Raw Milk

We finally did it! We made the switch to Raw Milk and LOVE IT!It took me a couple months to find a place to get the milk... granted I wasn't trying very hard. I have to drive a good 35 minutes to get it but the health benefits are worth the drive, plus the kids get to experience a different kind of family farm when we go to pick it up.Here are pictures of the [...]

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Building our Defenses and Curing the Sore Ear!

These past 2 weeks my family has been fighting a nasty bug... bronchitis, ear infections, and everything that goes with it. It has been a hard 2 weeks but I have learned a lot through it all. Thanks to my new friend Janet, at church, and my dear friend Shawn, I feel more empowered in how to take care of my children with out using antibiotics.Both of these friends told me they use garlic oil [...]

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Juicing, Exercising and Getting Healthy

Over the years as I have had babies I have had many problems with my back. Most of you know how I had a herniated bulging disc in my back while I was pregnant with Luke. While my morning sickness was the cause of the disc issues in my back. I have had back problems for years (since a car accident I was in during my high school years). After the delivery of Luke I [...]

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