These past 2 weeks my family has been fighting a nasty bug… bronchitis, ear infections, and everything that goes with it.
It has been a hard 2 weeks but I have learned a lot through it all.

Thanks to my new friend Janet, at church, and my dear friend Shawn, I feel more empowered in how to take care of my children with out using antibiotics.
Both of these friends told me they use garlic oil and olive oil (essential oils) for ear aches. Garlic is antibacterial! I had no idea! I used it tonight and my ears feel so much better.

I know there are many people out there that NEVER use antibiotics… and if they can get by without it, that is fabulous. However, I have experienced certain times/sicknesses where I have felt an infection was out of control and the only option seemed to be antibiotics. Knowing that they kill all the bad bugs as well as the good ones I always load my kids up on vitamins hoping not to catch something else with their compromised immune system. Janet told me about ACIDOPHILUS.
Wow! i had no idea these even existed… where has this been all my life! “All the good bugs,” as Janet put it!
According to Dr. Sears and many other websites/ professionals, Acidophilus “is the powder form of the normal, friendly bacteria called flora that lives in our intestines. Our intestinal flora helps to regulate our digestive system.” Yeast also lives in our intestines and when we take antibiotics our bacterial flora can get depleted. When there is an imbalance of yeast and flora the yeast can overgrow and can lead to a number of problems. Some include thrush, candida, yeast diaper rashes, yeast infection in the breast, and more. Taking Acidolphilus can rebuild up that flora in the intestines and guard us against yeast infections.

Today I went to New Seasons and got me some of these good buggies! They also make Primadophilus for kids! So since I had one little boy with a near bursting ear drum I had to do antibiotics… but at least now I can
boost his system with these buggies!

The last treasure I learned about today were these awesome EAR CANDLES! Once again I had never heard of such a thing. What an awesome treatment! Shawn helped me do it this afternoon. it worked amazingly… it was pretty yucky so I apologize for the disgusting photo but isn’t it amazing how much ear gunk I got out
of Kelsey’s plugged and aching ear! She is doing so much better!
you can see more on these at

I would love to hear from you! What other tricks of the trade do you know? Any other homeopathic treatments? What have you found works well?