Dr. Mom’s Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathics and I have a love/hate relationship. Let me explain what I mean. I love homeopathy. It is AMAZING. 100% recommend it. However, because it works so well, it can further embed this "pop a pill mentality" I am so against... down to the very fiber of my being. No kidding, diet fades... um ya... I laugh at those. Never done one, never will. So this is part of where the "hate" aspects comes in. [...]

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What’s in Dr. Mom’s Medicine Cabinet?

What's in Mom's Medicine Cabinet this Fall? A few weeks ago I was doing an inventory of my medicine cabinet, organizing with my daughter, and teaching her more about homeopathy and herbal tinctures. It dawned on me, how I wish someone would have taught me before I was a mom. I could have avoided MANY doctor visits as a young mom, as well as using over the counter medicines every time there was a fever [...]

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Health Benefits of Amber Teething Necklaces

Amber Artisans has graciously donated a baby teething necklace to Leaving a Legacy for one of the readers! How to win will be at the bottom of the post! I was first introduced to these necklaces & bracelets by a friend who gave one to me for my birthday and one to each of my girls.  Shortly after reading up on these little trinkets, I meet a couple moms at church who had their babies [...]

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Treating Croup Naturally & Hyrdotherapy

Over the years, with 6 kids, you can bet that we have had our run with Croupy Coughs. My second oldest, got croup chronically for about 3 years. You can bet that after a few visits to the ER in the middle of the night, how determined a mama can get to find an alternative way to treat this nasty cough. So here is the wisdom that has worked with us over the years and [...]

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Postpartum Helps & Living Real

Healthy Foods that Help PostPartum:Eggs & Avocado: High in SerotoninKelp/Seaweed/Dulce- Good for thyroid- very vulnerable postpartumSt. John Wart- Herb/TinctureSepia 30c- Homeopathy for Mood Swings(when your critical & snappy)Natrum mur 30c-homeopathy for weepinessPulsatilla 30c- Homeopathy for women desiring sympathy and companyPlatina 30c- Disappointed in everyone and seems aloof, also she feels like shes alone in the world, weepyCimicifuga 30c- Feels like she's in a black cloudAnacardium 30c- Better while eating , but sad again soon after. [...]

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After Birth Care Products

Sitz Bath Iced Packs First make the sitz bath herbs like you do tea... french press work the best with this bulk tea... but we boiled the tea...strained it with cheese cloth...then stored & poured from a mason jar. Then you pour sitz bath into pads and freeze. How to use a Sitz Bath: Make a concentrated amount of the sitz bath tea, pour in tub hot and add water to tub until the desired [...]

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Treating Swine Flu Naturally

We are finally on the upswing from getting hit with this SWINE FLU!I am finding myself eating my words; when I made fun of how people were freaking out over this H1n1 scare. "It's a pandemic!"Well that "pandemic" got a hold of one Tolpin and made its contagious way through the lot of us over these past 2 weeks.So to make every thing we have gone through worth something. I desire to help you, the [...]

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Treating Mastitis

Natural Remedy for Mastitis:(Nursing Breast Infection)Echinacea Tincture (1 dropperful every 3 hours or as needed) Emergence-C Packets (1 every 3-5 hours with water)Phytolaca Decandra (Biorin pellets) (1 pellet under tongue, directly followed by Belladonna)Belladonna (Biorin pellets) (1 pellet under tongue)Use the homeopathy Biorin pellets as needed until you get a grip on the infectionI ususally put an hour between treatments unless it is really bad then only 30 minutesIn addition:Eating cabbage raw or blanching cabbage [...]

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Building our Defenses and Curing the Sore Ear!

These past 2 weeks my family has been fighting a nasty bug... bronchitis, ear infections, and everything that goes with it. It has been a hard 2 weeks but I have learned a lot through it all. Thanks to my new friend Janet, at church, and my dear friend Shawn, I feel more empowered in how to take care of my children with out using antibiotics.Both of these friends told me they use garlic oil [...]

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Magnesium During Pregnancy

At my last appointment with my midwife she suggested taking Magnesium to reduce leg cramps (charlie horses)and restlessness during the night. Trusting her I got a bottle of supplements, came home and did some "research."To my surprise there is tons of info on Magnesium and Calcium during pregnancy. The added benefits by far out weigh the possible side effects. In fact, it seems more logical to think that it is more of a danger not [...]

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