At my last appointment with my midwife she suggested taking Magnesium to reduce leg cramps (charlie horses)and restlessness during the night. Trusting her I got a bottle of supplements, came home and did some “research.”

To my surprise there is tons of info on Magnesium and Calcium during pregnancy. The added benefits by far out weigh the possible side effects. In fact, it seems more logical to think that it is more of a danger not take magnesium. of course it is always wise to have the advice of a medical professional even when taking supplements.

The basic advantages to taking magnesium during late pregnancy are: reduction of leg cramps, better nights sleep, repair to body tissue, helps build strong bones and teeth, regulates insulin and blood-sugar levels, and helps certain enzymes function properly. Magnesium and calcium work together though so it is important to keep up on taking calcium while taking magnesium. Magnesium relaxes muscles, while calcium stimulates muscles to contract. There is research that shows that proper levels of magnesium during pregnancy can help keep the uterus from contracting until week 35.

Do you need supplements? Probably not, not unless you are experiencing some of the things I mentioned above (leg cramps, high blood pressure, diabetes during pregnancy, etc…) I had horrible morning sickness, like I did every time so it is great to be replenishing my body. feeding the baby doesn’t end once baby is born… there is still breast feeding. So I need to re nourish my body so I can produce a healthy supply of nourish able milk. You can get a good source of magnesium from certain foods: green leafy veggies, whole grains, nuts, meat, milk, pumpkin seeds, tofu, etc…

One of the best benefits I have found though to taking the pills so far is that research indicates that magnesium helps with the efficiency of labor. I am all for that! I have to say also that in my last trimester I have had bad leg cramps and restlessness at night during all of my pregnancies (4 so far). Once I started taking the magnesium supplement within a week or so the leg cramps disappeared. Now I am just hoping for the more efficient labor and delivery.

Obviously I am not a doctor, but I wanted to share this new wisdom I gleaned from my midwife whom I trust greatly. She is such a gift to me. If you are pregnant and more curious about the benefits of magnesium during pregnancy I would ask your doctor as well as do some easy research online. It doesn’t take long to google magnesium and pregnancy and read a few articles and the benefit could be great for you!

By the way, I wanted to say a congratulations to my friend Brandy on her news of baby #3! We Praise God for your special blessing!
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