Sitz Bath Iced Packs

First make the sitz bath herbs like you do tea… french press work the best with this bulk tea… but we boiled the tea…strained it with cheese cloth…then stored & poured from a mason jar.

Then you pour sitz bath into pads and freeze.

How to use a Sitz Bath:

Make a concentrated amount of the sitz bath tea, pour in tub hot and add water to tub until the desired depth. The more water you add the less concentrated the herbs obviously, so remember you want the bath to be as strong as possible for effectiveness.

You can also order sitz baths to use on your toilet so you dont have take a bath.

You can buy them online at Cascade Health Care located in Portland… heads up though… you can not purchase anything by dropping in on them, order only. Visit them at

Sitz Bath Herbs

are a great way to help with quick healing after childbirth!

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After Birth Sitz bath

I learned a trick from my midwives…

soak the afterbirth pads in sitz bath and freeze…

then wear to bring down inflammation down prevent hemorrhoids.

Another way to prevent hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after birth… sells bummeroid cream… it works great!

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