Healthy Foods that Help PostPartum:

Eggs & Avocado: High in Serotonin

Kelp/Seaweed/Dulce– Good for thyroid- very vulnerable postpartum

St. John Wart- Herb/Tincture

Sepia 30c- Homeopathy for Mood Swings(when your critical & snappy)

Natrum mur 30c-homeopathy for weepiness

Pulsatilla 30c– Homeopathy for women desiring sympathy and company

Platina 30c- Disappointed in everyone and seems aloof, also she feels like shes alone in the world, weepy

Cimicifuga 30c– Feels like she’s in a black cloud

Anacardium 30c- Better while eating , but sad again soon after. Deep loss of confidence. easily angered and given to hatred. Failing memory.

For a guide on using Homeopathy… I would suggest:

“Homeopathy: An A to Z Home Handbook”
by Alan Schmukler
Front Cover
For a free copy online goggle him and go to first link.

After having five babies and never really experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety the way it is described, I used to think that it wasn’t real and it was some woman’s made up excuse for being mean, weepy, and full of worry ( along with a whole gamut of other emotions and challenges). I actually believed that if women were stronger with the Lord they could have self control over their thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc…

Well, after having Ethan I experienced the fears, the anxiety, the weepiness, the lack of control. Now that I am on the healing end of things, my heart has been convicted of how judgemental I was. I really never believed postpartum blues or depression was real. Now I have to admit that through out the time I was struggling I went in and out of being the Word of God. When I came home I was ill… trying to recover from my massive postpartum hemorrhage, which knocked me off my feet, I couldn’t take care of my family or home. That depressed me. I couldn’t stand hearing the boys arguing in the other room and being able to get up and help them. I really stressed out when the kids would get hurt, thinking if I was better that they wouldn’t have gotten hurt. I felt like I was expecting too much from my older children because they were having to do sooo much more around the house, rather than just being kids. I didn’t have thank fullness in my heart for the help God had provided in Keziah and Kirsten. Instead , needing their help made me feel less of a mom. All these thoughts contributed to me struggling with anxiety, stress, worry, and anger even.
I don’t know where I would be today if I didn’t have the Lord Jesus and the encouragement from my mom, and other christian mentors in my life reminding me this was just a season and that I was a good mom. I had such low self esteem and I allowed that to make me angry. I found myself apologizing all the time for my bad attitude, my whining, my crying, and yelling.
Wow, I am so glad we are out of that season! I am sure my husband & kids are as well.

What I learned from this?
That postpartum blues/ depression is real. That it is spiritual as well as hormonal and chemical. It is real and women who have it need other women in their life helping them. I pray for the moms I know that are having babies soon… pray for them for this tough season. I did enjoy Ethan tremendously, it was just overwhelming for a few weeks. Only the Lord and His Word can help you to see your own sin in a season like this.
Mark Hamby once said in one of his “Transforming Seminars” (by lamplighter), “I have seen a lot of people in pain and dying and they have a joyful attitude.” Our true self can be revealed, our sin, selfishness, struggle with giving up control, what ever it is…
When I heard this is motivated me…
I realized I wasn’t being the person I was meant to be in Christ. I needed Him to be my strength. I needed to give him the control. I needed Jesus to refresh the atmosphere of my home. I feel as though we are getting back on track, finally. Although not completely… home schooling is not in full force, but we will get there eventually. The Lord is teaching us all something through the process. Having people praying for me and being open and honest about my struggles allowed my brothers & sisters in Christ to be praying for me specifically. It was very humbling for me to show my weaknesses and be real. But that is what God wants from us. How else can the Body of Christ function the way it is meant to. We are supposed to carry each others burdens as well as lay them at the cross. How can the church do that when we are all putting on masks and pretending everything is okay? The reality is that even with Christ we still experience struggles in this life, we are not perfect because we are Christians! We are imperfect and fully aware of it, we are just able to receive God’s grace and live in Joy & Freedom!

I hope if you are struggling with postpartum or have friends that are this gives you a little insight into what they might be dealing with. Let us lift one another up in prayer. We are all humans made by the same creator trying to live our best life here. Lets Love one another. We were created for love.