A young mom recently asked me when I got motivated and began pursuing personal growth for my “job” as a home maker & mom.  Well when I became a personally responsible for my relationship with the Lord at age 15 I began this journey of personal growth, so I guess I’ve always had that desire within in me… I think that deep down we all have that yearning desire within us.  I believe it is given by God… its our yearning for Him and knowing what our purpose in life is and what He made us for.

When I worked for Vector Marketing as a sales rep and Assistant Manager I was in a work environment that was fostering “personal growth.”  Meeting my husband Isaac in that environment we have always known each other having that intentional pursuit.  It has been one of the key things for us having a Thriving Marriage.

All of these experiences I have been so blessed to have in my life have led me to grow and pursue growth in all areas of my life.  I have been blessed, I know that; but one of the most impacting things that inspired me as a mom and wife was something a dear friend said to me in my time of needing encouragement.

I was the first of my college friends to be married, and getting pregnant 4 months after marriage put me in the category of first to be a mom for sure.  I felt alone.  Like I couldn’t “relate.”  I got semi-depressed when I had time to think about it because I was so sick with morning sickness, a newly wed, and we were building a business… none of my friends could relate since they were all still in University.

In a conversation with a dear friend, I was sharing all of this with her, being real.  The impact of her words have resonated with me all through the years and she doesn’t even know it.  She said to me, “Angie, I have to waste my time reading what professors assign, learning what is required.  You have the freedom to read and learn whatever you want.  You are so blessed.”  There it is the answer to the question.  I was at a cross roads in my life where the future of my personal growth and pursuing depth in my role as wife and mother could have be not even a thought in my mind.  Her encouragement was what has led me to where I am today.  Her influence in my life at that moment when she CHOOSE to encourage me has impacted my whole family… because I became addicted to learning and growing.  Now I am purposefully teaching that to my children.

How intentional are you at encouraging growth and the pursuit of magnitude of mission in your friends and families lives?

Let’s Encourage One Another,