Allowing Your Husband to Lead

This post is for strong women who are natural leaders, who thrive leading; however I am sure all women could relate in some ways~ right?

As a strong, passionate, get things done kind of woman who is habitually leading her children all day through home schooling, when my husband gets home it can be a challenge to move out of that Head of the Household role immediately.  As my understanding of  how God created my husband grows, I have understood more of my need to be intentional about moving my self to a “space” of being led rather than leading when he is home.

For many men, when a woman “pushes” to get things done, from a “selfish” heart it can literally “suck” or “drain” the power right out of them.  I have been so guilty of doing this to my husband and now I notice women doing it to their husbands unintentionally.  As their help meets and main cheerleader, we need to be building up our men and helping them to be powerful.  Building them and their self worth and helping them to see their gifted-ness and be inspired to give their best and highest contribution to this world.  We as wives need to view this role as our privilege.

Join me as we begin this journey of Allowing our Husband’s to be who they were created to be and helping them to see themselves the way God does, full of potential and purpose.