Fighting Selfishness: The On-Going Battle of a Mom at Home

Today was a battle for me to keep my perspective clear, focused, and my attitude joyful. Today I didn't want to be at home doing laundry, cleaning house, feeding kids, changing diapers, or even doing home school with the kids. Today I struggled with an ugly sin called selfishness. For any of you who know me well, you know that the thing I LOVE most to do with my husband is build. Ever since we [...]

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Engaging but Not Encouraging Halloween

Beautiful fall with all its glory. Wonderful bounty, plentiful harvest, and Halloween. Do you ever feel like Halloween ruins it? When I was a young mom, I struggled so much with how to handle Halloween. We were teaching our daughter to love Jesus, to walk in purity, turn from sin, and to also be a LIGHT in the darkness. But where is the fine line for Christians on how to handle Halloween? I used to be [...]

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