I find power, exhortation, and inspiration in knowing God made me well for what I do and God made my husband well for what He does.  Together, married, working together to build one another up instead of comparing and mentally tearing one another down… you can be a strong team. 

Isaac and I are two very different people; with different gifts, talents and callings, but we love each other and work at our marriage.  We have allowed each other to be who we were made to be instead of trying to change one another.

Here is the Bottom Line on Comparing:  Marriage is under attack.  Marriage is Hard.  Statistically, most divorces happen between the 5-9 yr of marriage (when couples are in the real trenches of having babies, toddlers, and young children while trying to grow their careers)… I think the temptation to compare their roles with their husbands is hardest in that particular season.  Sometimes sleep deprived, feeling unappreciated at times, etc… it can be harder for some than others for sure… I am not saying this is how it is for all…  but if you anticipate rain- do you go outside in a swimsuit?  No!  You prepare appropriately right? So Prepare- if you are a newly wed and haven’t struggled with this- prepare, be on guard against these kinds of attitudes against your husband.  Don’t be arrogant and think, I would never… that’s when it happens… when you think to highly of yourself. We should be sober minded in our opinions of ourselves, being fully honest with ourselves… that’s when growth can occur.

Why blog on this topic?  Like I said yesterday, I was going through my journal during my quiet time and I felt led to share this warning… I need this too!  All of us need to proactively guard our hearts against the Comparison Trap that can lead us to be the wife that is like a dripping faucet…. let’s fight for Marriage… as women let’s recognize comparing for what it is when we get tempted to start inner talking this way and instead be Thankful we are different and that we are allowed to be and do what we were created to do!  Enjoy our Blessings and Live Free!

I’d love to hear your comments!