Does He?  Does Your Husband Know He is Your Hero here on Earth?

Does Your Husband Feel that you are PROUD to be His Wife?

A wife has so much power build her husband up.  To make him more confident. 

Are you Building Up Your Man, Tearing Him Down, or are you just stagnate?

We have to ask ourselves these powerful questions. Why?

Everything we say can potentially tear down his confidence and make him feel less of a man.  Everything we do, our body language of sighs, rolling the eyes, or “the look” (You know the look), the rejection of intimacy, there are TONS of body languages that we give everyday… they all have the ability to build him up or tear him down. 

The lie we can easily believe over time in Marriage is that if we aren’t purposefully tearing him down, everything is okay.  The reality is though that relationships take effort.  Not trying, sends a message to a man that he isn’t something special… someone worth getting excited to see, someone worth planning a date with, etc…

Do your Children know you adore your husband~ their father?  What do your kids see?  Do they see their mom & dad in-love?  Or do they see you disrespecting your husband?

These are the topics I am excited to cover over the next few months~ I hope you come back and engage… leave a comment!  I love to hear from you!

Have a Great Night!