This concept “What do your children see” can be applied to so many areas of our lives.

Today I want to apply to Marriage.

What do your children see?  Or better yet, ask yourself this question…

What will my children remember as adults when they look back on their childhood?

Everyone does it… everyone looks back on how they were raised and with memories of how their parents were “so in love” or “not.” what will your children remember?  

Honestly, thinking through this question… what do your children see?  

Do they see a marriage where there is mutual respect and an effort by both parents to “work” at their marriage… to make the CHOICE to love and forgive when times are tough… or do they see laziness… “taking for granted”… do they see their parents choosing to give up??? Do your kids see you choosing to be on the same team… building one another up?

This brings up a huge topic of focus… respecting our husbands in front of our children.

I’ve made this mistake many times… Speaking without really thinking of the ramifications first… I think we all have.   Realizing later what I said was disrespectful…

Do your children hear you mumbling frustrations about your spouse as you go about your household work?  Or do they see you delighting in all you “get” to do?  

Don’t take your husbands for granted… be thankful you have a man… tell him you are thankful for him.  Give him a compliment.. search for those things you are thankful for and verbalize them… you will be amazed by how it awakens a new spirit within your marriage.

Choose Today To Make the Effort!

Leave a Legacy of a Thriving Marriage!

I believe 100% that, aside from faith, a Healthy, Vibrant, Purposeful, Strong Marriage that exemplifies Unity and Team Work is the BEST gift you could ever give a child.  It is the Best Legacy you could ever leave!