Oregon Christian Home Education Conference
Save the Date: June 25 &26
Where:Oregon Convention Center


“Educating for Eternity”

Keynote Speaker: Rick Boyer
Rick is a father and home schooling dad of 14 kids.
He has been home schooling since the 1980s and has a wealth of experience. I look forward to hearing from this trailblazer.

47 conference sessions & 20 exhibitor workshops
Used Curriculum Sale- chance to sell old material and buy at discount

The best part: OCEAN is inviting parents of preschoolers (oldest child 5 and under) who have not attended an OCEAN conference before to come FREE of charge!

Some session titles include:
“The Vision of the Home School Husband & Dad: Leaving a Legacy”
“Guarding the Heart of a Princess”
“Cultivating a Servant’s Heart in Your Child”
“I’m pulling My Kids out of School… Now what”
“A Girl’s High Calling”

And 40 some more subjects!
Something for everyone!