This past weekend was the Raising Kids to do Hard Things Seminar in Portland, Or. We had a really great time enjoying worship, productive fellowship with friends from all over and learning from someone who has gone before us in the land of parenting. We took Kelsey, our nine year old with us the second day. She really loved being “big” enough to go. We enjoyed having the special “alone” time with her as well.

As I have been contemplating the nuggets I have taken away from the weekend. I was so blessed when I went to a friends blog and found her insights and gleanings to have covered so much material. Go over for a visit and say hi to Melissa Rhyne, a friend and sister in Christ who came down from Lake Forest, Washington to go the seminar with us. I know you will glean much from what she has posted about here. Thanks for putting so much effort into your post Melissa, what a blessing!

Here is the list of other cities the seminar will be presented this year:
April 23-24 Chicago
May 14-15 St.Louis
Sept. 17-18 Denver
Oct. 8-9 Dallas, TX
Oct. 29-30 Atlanta
Nov. 12-13 D.C. Area
Dec. 3-4 Orlando, FL