As women we have so much influence.  Especially over our husband’s self esteem.

The world is a rough environment.  No matter where your husband works, it is rare for a man to find a place where they are praised for their work every day.  Often times, men can come home feeling discouraged, beat-up, tired, and/ or unappreciated.  As women we have so much power.  If you have a marriage of strength and your husband feels safe to share his fears and frustrations with you, then you have been given a gift.  The gift of power.  In those moments when your husband shares fears, if you become fearful too… it will reap lower self esteem in your husband.  In the contrary, if you respond with confidence in him, in his ability to provide, without fear… your man’s self-worth and confidence increases dramatically.

What a lot of women don’t realize is that we contribute greatly to our man’s success.  If we believe in them.  They glow and grow.  It’s the power of faith.  For Isaac and I, we have our faith in Christ.  I have confidence that no matter what my husband does for work, we will be ok bc we have each other and faith in Christ.   That faith helps me to be able to have faith and confidence in my husband as well.

I view my role as his helper and confidence builder.  I am in charge of the Isaac Tolpin Confidence and Self- Esteem Department!  Put yourself on your husbands team and visualize your role in your husband’s life as his biggest cheerleader, but also his wife who believes in him.  When he is down, be strong and pray for him, pray over him.  Love him more.  Most importantly, verbalize your belief in his ability.

Come back tomorrow for a list of suggestions on action steps to take in verbalizing your love, belief and confidence in your man!