Here are a few suggestions of ways to encourage your man with words:

1)Write a hand written letter/note and surprise him with it~  on his car seat or anywhere creative!

2) Send him a heart felt email when he really needs it! Thank him for all he does for you and the family!

3) Write praises on his Facebook Wall! Be his Cheerleader and don’t be afraid to do it!

4)Any other social media tools he uses, uplift him by being supportive (aka: +K on Klout)

5)Be strong when he is weak, not weaker when he is down.

6) Verbalize out~loud in front of your children, the good things he has done and how thankful and proud you are of him!

7)Pray with your children for your husband throughout the day.

8) Ask your husband if you can help him any way possible.  The more you ask and do the more he will ask for your help… be a TEAM!

Ultimately, Build up your man!  Focus on it!  Be CAREFUL with your words.  Be CAREFUL not to tear him down… it massively effects them.  More than anyone else’s words.

Blessings as you implement purposefully lovin’ on your man!

I would love to hear how it goes?