I have some exciting news to share with you! As many of you know, my husband is the Co-Founder and CEO of Choose Growth, a company for thought leaders, which creates online learning courses. Someday, I will share the history of Choose Growth, when the concept of “Choose Growth” came about, why, and it’s history and growth over the past six years, which brought it to where it is today and where it is going in the future as we look ahead.

But today, I am excited to share with you about the first project Choose Growth is helping me to create! My first online learning course, or online study.


What is an online course?

Most people think online learning courses consist of videos and a couple pdfs. While those are great learning tools, today’s learner wants more engagement and interaction, that’s why so many people don’t actually finish the books they begin reading. There is no accountability, no community, and no reason too. This is exactly what Choose Growth has revolutionized. The online learning process.

Years ago, we dreamed of a day when the company would be in a place that could also help support our dreams as well as others. To create products that would solve the problems we were experiencing first hand as coaches, speakers, and authors.

As of three months ago, I began working with my own team, creating an online study/course for women! It is such an exciting adventure, but also a ton of work, and totally new territory for me.

To really grasp what an online course should be I highly recommend this article: The Curated World

Why am I building an online course?

As a busy woman, I know just how hard it is to finish a book, front to cover. And for a long season, like eight years, all I could accomplish was listening to pod casts and sermons online while I busily went about my housework. That was my main source of spiritual nourishment throughout the years with little ones at my feet.

This is one reason WHY I am so thrilled to be offering a course for women. Not only will you be able to take in bite sized pieces and go through the course at your own pace, it’s not a ton of reading. You can listen while you drive your kids around town, or while you are sitting in the car at soccer practice. But it also offers written content and opportunity to dig in deeper with online journal questions and a community forum.

One aspect of an online course is it’s ability to be used with groups. Because we will have units, with teaching videos, written content, Reflective questions, and downloads, friends will be able to go through this course together and build a stronger friendship, built on the solid rock of Jesus.

Here is Isaac’s article on How to Create eLearning Millennials Love to Consume.

What is going to be in the course?

  • Teaching Videos
  • Written Content
  • Downloads {Group discussion questions, personal journaling and more}
  • Prayer Audios
  • Reflective Online Journal Questions
  • Infographics
  • A Private Online Community/Forum
  • It’s all a part of a curated experiences that remembers where you are at, recognizes your progress and keeps track of your journal entries.

What is topic of this course?

Right after the release of Redeeming Childbirth and the Growth & Study Guide in 2013, I began getting regular requests for an online childbirth course based on the book. Of course, I wanted to create it, but honestly, we were in the building stages of growing the company, I had just worked so hard writing and releasing my first 2 books and was exhausted. I needed a break. So after a good sized sabbatical {nearly 16 months}, and a family move, I began writing again.

At first, I wanted to pour into a Christian Childbirth Course, and as we got started looking in chapter titles and sections in the book, I felt a strong desire to create a course that was inspired by the first two chapters in the book: Every Woman Has Her Story and Redeeming the Division. These are the main topics I had been speaking on in women’s groups in 2013-2014 and I felt the Lord really impressing a great need upon my heart.

So, I am excited to share with you that the first course will be souly focused on healing the division among women!

We are calling it…

Quiet Fight Slider 3


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Join the Team and Offer Your Influence:

In a strategic partnership between the two companies my husband has co-founded, Red Jacket West and ConveYour.com this course will also include a mobile engagement experience with me and other learners.

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate? Or helping with the Launch Team?


I am so excited about this project and the potential ways God could use it to create healthy relationships among women and redeem the division that is among women on a mirage of topics.

Just to clarify, this is not a course on childbirth, this is a course about the quiet fight between women that is caused by a comparison trap. My goal and mission with this course is that you would be strengthened in your identity in Christ and partner with me in redeeming the division among women. I encourage you to watch the video and share it with your friends if you feel so inclined.