Getting down & dirty making our own seed starting mix.
Recipe: Equal parts
-organic compost
spahgmum moss (optional)

cheaper when doing a lot of seeds… makes more! Bonus: Fun for kids to “cook” soil!
Water and let sit for 12-24 hours before using…
-potting soil

After scarifying seeds & soaking others for a week and a half… we transplanted the seeds into our homemade seedling mix!

Silly times between doing school work… Enjoying one another!

The past 2 weeks have been busy but fun!

What have we been up to?
Friends brought their new bunnies over for a visit!
Thanks for sharing them with us Scott Family!

The boys have been busy trapping rats… that is farm life! I will spare you the icky details… just know it has been a time consuming “adventure.”

We went to see the play “Estranged Identity” about Mary Magdalene with our friends the Behnke’s. We took the oldest daughters on a date together… it was a spectacular event!

Austin had to have 2 teeth pulled, but he was so tough! Now he is missing four int he front! Yep! He is almost 7 years old alright!
Playing in the Park on a nice Sunny Day!