Last night I had the opportunity to make it to a gathering of women from our “sister” church (the Mt. Hood Congregation). They were getting to discuss the topic of home school materials and get together and pray for one another. I found it to be such a rich time. I don’t know about you, but I thrive when I feel like I am not on this road alone! It was such an encouragement to listen to some of the more “veteran” home school moms share their insights and curriculum with us.

I had been feeling very overwhelmed this month with sick kids and so much to do to get ready for spring and summer with the garden and vineyard. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough with the kids. Like I was failing them somehow. After going last night I was reminded of why we home school.

“The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom
and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”
Proverbs 9:10

Why were we created?
To Glorify Him

Through actively participating in the Great Commission
with the gifts God has given us (given our children).

Those were the key most important things I gleaned last night. Putting my perspective back in place. The Lord wants us to NOT get caught up in the academia or the activities. He wants us to meet Him in them and to Enjoy Him while we learn. Like Daniel Fender said in his sermon last Sunday… To not waste a moment, for we know not when it will be our last. We need to teach our children this diligence and discipline daily through our schooling, through their daily responsibilities. We are teaching them not just math or history, we are helping them to develop good, God pleasing habits. We are teaching to LOVE learning and that life is our classroom.

Today we accomplished so much in school and it feels great. What feels the best was that starting our day we went through this scripture for 30 minutes… talking about what it means to be kids that have a good heart towards learning and obeying. How much joy that brings to the Lord and how he will bless them with wisdom if they continue on the path of obedience and seeking Him. It was neat to still be talking about Sunday sermon with the kids as well, as if it were just yesterday. Daniel did a fine job and I would encourage you to try to listen to it here. The sermon is titled “Watch Your Walk.”

Today instead of reading books listed in her curriculum I pulled out the Prayer of Jabez and had her read for an hour. We had such great conversations while making dinner about the first few chapters. Then we pulled out my gardening books. I figure she is interested and we are about to be planting so lets veer off the curriculum and read about something we are going to actually apply immediately. I wish that I knew more than I do about gardening. I feel like there isn’t enough time for me to learn everything there is to know about farming and gardening. Especially since I am a first generation farmer. I am learning it on my own… by success and failure as well as good books and great mentors. The reason I bring this up is… just think if Kelsey and the other kids can learn now what I am learning now… how much farther ahead they will be when they have families. How much more knowledgeable they will be about organic living and sustainable living. Just think how second nature it will be for them when it is such an effort for me. And that is how I think of home schooling as well. It may be an “effort” for me but I am following the Lord and His promise of leaving a new legacy. A Legacy where living life and the Lord and education and nourishment for our bodies, souls, and minds all come together and point straight to the Cross.

I am so thankful for last night and amazed at how quickly things can turn around. I am reminded that it is so much in our attitude. If we stay the course and focus on Christ. He is faithful and will lead our days and we will feel success like I feel today at the end of a “job” well done. I know to well that tomorrow could be a different day. It could be a day of challenges and temptations and failures. The Lord knows I have had my fair share… I have probably had more than my “fair share.” But He is Faithful and I ask you to pray for me as I pray for you… that we would stay focused and on purpose with our children. Our work is not in vain. It Glorifies Him and He Sees!

God Bless You tonight and tomorrow! Stay Focused!