Ken Ham

June 27-29 @ Crossroads Church in Vancouver, WA
7708 NE 78th St
Vancouver, Wa 98662

Workshops tonight:
6pm- Ken Ham- Why Won’t they Listen: Evangelsm in a Secular World
7pm- Ken ham- One Blood, One Race


Ken Ham is the president and CEO of the Creation Museum, the author of many creation books as well as the book “Already Gone.” One of the most clear ideas behind why we are losing the youth of today when it comes to Christianity. I highly recommend all of his workshops, books, DVDs, and talks on CD. Isaac and I first heard of Ken Ham and his ministry this past fall, investing in the Adult/Teen Pack of material as well as the Kids Pack, his Apologetcis Curriculum which I have been using with the kids this Spring, and many more DVDs.
For starters, his DVD or book titled “Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World” and “Already Gone” are great starters. For kids, the little Answer books are great for table talk. And the creation DVDs “Six Short Days, One Big Adventure” & “Jurassic Ark Mystery” are fabulous. I learned so much! Also there is a magazine subscription I would recommend called “Answers” check it all out on there website.