Here is an awesome Resource from the Home School Conference last weekend:
Go to Lamplighter Publishing to purchase this great deal!

There are many deals on their website… this is just one… please go check them out!

We have invested in some lamplighter books over the years and they quickly won their way into my heart and my children’s. Most of the literature was written in the 1800-1900s and has a uniqueness to it that today’s literature has, in my opinion, lost.

Some of our favorite books are:
Hedge of Thorns
Basket of Flowers
Teddy’s Button
The Three Weavers
Little threads
Boys of Grit Series
Titus: A Comrade of the Cross
Mothers of Famous Men- very encouraging read for moms
Legend of the Easter Egg

We have many more, but those are our favorite so far…
So when I saw they had come out with Radio Theatre versions of some of the books… I thought we would try them out.

This week we listened to “Sir, Malcom and the Missing Prince”…. it was hands down the best radio theatre I have ever heard. My kids LOVED it!
Kelsey and Isaac listened to “The Captive” on their way to his Seattle Conference Tuesday and she gave her 2 thumbs up on that one as well!

So I can say without a doubt they are a good investment.
A great way to introduce classical literature to your children.