Happy 4 th of July

Today is a Holy Day!

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
the people he chose for his inheritance.”
Psalm 33:12

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit is, there is freedom.”
2 Cor 3:17

Today is the celebration of our nation’s Independence.
Thankfully I praise Him b/c our country was founded by strong men of faith
who by their personal sacrifices fought for a freedom and liberty
to live, worship, and work
with out a government dictating how to do those things.
We have the freedoms we have today because of godly men who rose up.

We need more godly men to rise up today.
Our freedoms are slowly being taken away…
when we don’t use them they get taken away!

We are in a battle for not only our freedoms, but in a battle for the Lord’s blessing.
The Lord blesses the nation who calls on Him.
There is only one true God!
He will not be mocked or fooled!

Our country has taken the blessings from the Lord and neglected to continue to teach the principles, morals, character and integrity that this great nation was founded on.
These generations don’t have the knowledge of what today really stands for, and the real costs men paid for us. Teens are out “partying” exercising more freedoms than they should even be allowed… taking for granted that our countries prosperity came from God. He is Our freedom.

Let us believers come together in Prayer for our Leaders, for our country’s future, for our country’s pride… let us be challenged by the thought that our “prosperity” has killed our gratefulness…. and our ungratefulness as a country has produced laziness.
For us parents, lets pray for our children, as they are the next generation.
Pray that they would be a new generation of educated, appreciative, and humble men & women that First Love the Lord Jesus Christ and dedicate their lives to purposeful service whatever it may be.
We need to pray that God continues to have mercy on our sinful country. As a whole, we have “voted” him out of nearly everything… people have tried taking him out of schools, out of politics, out of medicine & science, out of the family & marriage, and so much more!

While we celebrate what he has done! Let us get on our knees asking Him to help us put Him back as Lord of our great nation!