Since the beginning of the new year I have struggled to determine what my goal would be with my blog this year. There were a few months last year where I was really applying time and energy into every post. I was anxious to see who would respond and how I could “impact” the world with the luxury of not leaving my front door. I was reading and sharing my thoughts, putting myself out there on a limb for criticism and praise. Shortly following a post I made on a book I read I was overwhelmed by the responses I was getting… in agreement and opposition. I struggled for a lengthy time, meanwhile, doodling on my blog, as I would call it. I really only put pictures of the kids for the family and once in a while would put a recipe or two or talk about what we were up to. It was all great and fine, but I found I didn’t really have purpose with what I was doing. I wasn’t satisfied only posting pictures… on the other hand though I knew I had numerous family members who would visit my blog only for the pictures. After taking a lengthy break from blogging… I have come to conclusion that while family enjoys seeing photos of my children… my blogging friends may not find it fulfilling in the same way. Likewise my family may not want to only hear my thoughts and read posts talking about what I have been reading, what recipes I have been trying and such.
The other aspect I have been struggling with is how much time blogging takes away from my family. I do know people who I beleive are addicted to blogging and the internet (facebook). I believe it is a way that people actually ignore reality… too much computer. I have now 3-5 people that I check up on weekly just to keep up with them. Other than those few I really don’t surf unless I am looking for particular information. Since I home school, have five kids eight and under, and a ton of other responsibilities I was only blogging at night… late at night. I am talking 10-11pm or later in order to get my household chores done. It was all worth it because it filled a place in my heart… a need to be interacting with the world outside my door. It gave me back part of my identity I felt was slowly slipping away. I found myself feeling more alive and enthusiastic about every day life… because I was going to blog about it! That wasn’t my only motivation of course, but I was very enthusiastic to get on the computer and check my email to see if anyone had emailed me or posted a comment.
I have to tell you since I haven’t been blogging much it is funny to see who has emailed or called. My point is that while blogging is a great way to make acquaintances all over the world it doesn’t replace good old fashioned fellowship with true friends. I found that because I was blogging so much I wasn’t spending as much time actually talking to my friends because they already knew what I was thinking and doing. Don’t get wrong… I think blogging is great for many reasons. I will continue my blog and I have much anticipation to hear from people, stay connected with others, and continue this journey in the blogsophere. All I am saying is that for me I needed a break to refocus and reevaluate why I was blogging in the first place. Unfortunately I have to admit it was because all my closest friends were and some told me I should too. Isn’t it funny… peer pressure. I am just joking about the peer pressure! Really I looked up to all those friends of mine that had blogs and thought what a fun hobby. I can do that and it doesn’t make a mess like scrap booking. :0)
Looking back though I realized that because I was staying up late… often I was really tired and cranky with my kids the next morning. I was able to go with just 4 or 5 hours of sleep a couple years ago but since Luke was born… nursing during the night… those few hours just weren’t cutting it! Now I realize I need to be in bed no later than 10 pm or I am just not “on” the next day.
So I am sorry that if you all have been visiting my blog and not been seeing much! I really have been busy… like all of you. I am back though and am excited to tell you about the changes I have made in our nutrition and exercise. That is for the next post! I that you all understand my heart in this post. I have read posts like this in the past and wondered why people weren’t posting everyday… after all it isn’t that hard… But now I understand and I am there. My honeymoon period with my blog is over and I now am trying to find a creative and exciting balance to keeping it up and satisfying my family and friends with pictures but also letting my posts be a true reflection of who I am.
My goal will be to blog once a week and limit myself to spending only 1 hour not including the downloading of pictures on my posts. Some weeks will be different of course if there is a birthday or a prayer request. I pray that my blog can be a place for family to feel welcome to see pictures of the kids as they grow but more so a place where other Christian woman can be encouraged, challenged and enjoy like minded fellowship (as best as you can through the Internet). Many blessings to you all! I am glad to be back!