The love of music is a legacy I am So thankful for. Music is the rhythm of the soul, it can change the atmosphere in the home in seconds. Worshipful music can take a crabby, tired mama and transform her into a joyful, gentle mother who delights in her children and has their hearts. God made us to worship Him and He blesses us when we do.

Leaving a Legacy of Worship

I love Music, don’t you?  I love having it playing in my home all day long (well most of the day). Music moves something deep within my soul.  As a young child my parents were  very musical.  My dad and mom both sang in the choir and led worship for many years. My dad played guitar for worship at church among other instruments as well; while my mom played flute for special music and served as the kid and adult choir director for many years.  Together, they loved music and they were intentional about wanting to leave that legacy within us.  I remember listening to Steve Green “Hide’Em in Your Heart” and Psalty tapes in the car as a kid; and now I play them to my children to write the Word of God on their hearts.

The lyrics in music are being written on your heart… so as we meditate on and memorize the song… they effect our thought patterns and have the power to fill our empty cups.  Having live worship in our home is something I have always desired.  I envisioned us as a family sitting around the fire in the Music Room worshiping together.  We have been so blessed since this dream became a reality in our home.  I wish I had learned the skill of playing the piano or guitar, but now I am learning with my children, although they are far surpassing me. 🙂

Here is a short video clip of our family enjoying praising the Everlasting One in our home… together… a Legacy of Worship about a year or two ago when this article was first published.

Obviously we didn’t always have live music playing in our home.  Before Kelsey, Austin, and Megan were playing piano we listened to worship music most of the day… but would emphasize worship by “turning up the volume,” gathering together, singing a few songs, and then pray together.  Worshiping together doesn’t have to be to live music, although it is such a blessing.  I always had a dream of this to be in our home, but wasn’t really sure how long it would be before we could be sitting together worshiping.  At one of the churches we used to be a member at a few years ago we were so blessed to experience what many called “Productive/ Purposeful Fellowship” among multiple families. It was such an inspiration and has forever impacted our family. Our kids got to see and experience families worshiping together as the children led worship with instruments and song… it was beautiful. It inspired us to be more proactive and purposeful when we gather for fellowship with other families.

When you have families over what do you do?  Do you worship together?  Pray? Encourage One another?  Are you on a TEAM together called the Body of Christ? It can be uncomfortable to introduce it, especially with families you have been close with for a long time, but it can be such a rich time. And really, what is the foundation of our relationships anyway… Christ, right!? We should be able to worship together… if we cannot… why?

So heads up friends! If you come over to our home… expect to worship together… at least sometimes. We don’t care what your voice sounds like… we don’t have the greatest voices either if you were comparing… so don’t. Don’t be shy! God just loves it when we praise Him! We just want to connect with you in this special worshipful way!

May the Words of Our Mouths and the Meditations of Our Hearts

Another fantastic image by A Little RoJoBe Pleasing to You oh God,


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I also feel led to give a shout out to our awesome piano teacher Miss Sarah~  please encourage her by clicking “like” on her fb page for her New Company Legacy Music Studios! If it wasn’t for you, Sarah, worship wouldn’t be the same in our home!  Appreciate You!