I am excited to start this series which I am calling“Building Thriving Marriages & Thriving Businesses”
As many of you know, my husband has worked for Cutco for 16 years. That was how we meet. I worked for the company first as a sales rep and then after training to run my own office, Isaac and I were engaged so my focus changed and I became his main Assistant Manager. Together we built our first year round District Office.
Isaac and I really enjoyed building together! I will share more of our story in the first series post.
Over the years, we have seen many businesses thrive at the expense a marriage. We have also seen many businesses close down to save a marriage. We have also seen marriages and businesses get “stuck” in a stagnate place, where there is no growth = which equals, not much happiness. Running your own business is hard work, which requires sacrifice in certain seasons. We have had this experience first hand. Nothing worth having comes easy, including a strong marriage. You have to choose to work at it!
Now, running your own business is not for everyone. I believe God is the perfect Creator/ Designer, and He has made everyone unique. We are not all “made” to be business owners. This series set is for those who are running businesses or thinking of doing it. I hope that I can share what I have experienced and observed over the years to encourage you and your business & marriage.

Come join me, starting Monday Feb 28!