When You Walk By The Way Conference

I can't believe it! Still no baby! I am so thankful to the Lord for His perfect timing though because I was hoping I would get to go to the annual OCEAN Network Conference. Isaac and I enjoyed all of the talks we went to as well as the time together and seeing friends we haven't seen in a while. Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. was the keynote speaker. Of course he is "on fire" passionate [...]

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Yesterday and today we have made much more progress on the Vineyard! Last summer we chopped down our hundred and fifty year old tree! We tilled the land, and today we have expanded the creek. This fall, after chopping down the tree we noticed a huge flooding problem right in the middle of the area we are going to plant the starts. So to fix our drainage issues we had to extend our creek through [...]

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"Garage Sale Treasures"

If you read my post on Glass Bottles vs. Plastic Bottles you could have probably guessed that I have figured out in research that obviously this whole plastic issue affects a whole lot more than bottles. It is obviously not very cost effective to get rid of all things and replace immediately with glass or other metals. So in an attempt to store my freezer meals for when baby comes and after harvest season I [...]

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New Garden Trellis

I have been frantically trying to get my garden all planted before the baby comes these past few weeks. The last few days I have been working especially hard with all this nice weather. I had to share with you a picture of this really cool, easy to assemble yourself trellis. My friend Kristi always has the best books to look through from the library when i go to visit her... this trellis comes from [...]

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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Every Pregnancy I have gone to a chiropractor for care and helping my body be "ready" for childbirth. I was in a car accident about 13 years ago that messed up my lower lumbar area as well as my upper back. Since then nothing has been the same. Every time I get into my third trimester I have "issues" with my back... more than normal I mean. I have finally found someone in the Portland [...]

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We had a great time at OMSI the other day with Nana, Aunt Katie and Gigi! It is always fun when Gigi comes to visit because we always try to do something like this!The have a great dinosaur/ fossil exhibit there right now. The kids got to make their own "stream" with sand, little trees, houses, boulders, etc... It was a blast! There were archaeologists working on fossils right there that could answer any questions [...]

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2008 Home Education Conference

This year's Home Education Conference, "When You Walk By The Way," is going to be held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.Dates Friday June 20th & Saturday June 21stPrice: $60 for couple (walk- in registration)Children $10 eachGrandparents: $10 eachI am praying I get to go this year! One of my favorite authors, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. is the keynote speaker at this year's conference. You don't want to miss him. I haven't heard [...]

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Congratulations Katie!

She Walked! It is Official... Katie has graduated High School!Congratulations little Sis! We are so proud of you! Proud of the Woman you are becoming, the accomplishments you have made and the future you are pursuing! God Bless your Every Step as You Follow on His Path!Katie performed with the Accapella Choir, the "Pony Pipers" Ensemble, and was chosen to play guitar and sing the "Senior Song!" You did a Fabulous Job Katie! We were [...]

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Teaching our kids about Pregnancy and Childbirth

Over the past eight years, having "almost" five babies I have been in a constant search for great books to read with my kids about pregnancy and childbirth. Kids have so many questions..."Where do babies come from?" "How are babies born?" "Do they come out of your belly button or does the doctor cut your tummy open?" "Are they all goopy when they come out?" "How big is our baby?"You have all heard them yourself [...]

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Soccer Season Over!

Austin has been participating in an Indoor Soccer league for the past couple months. Yesterday was his last game, pizza party, and trophy time!This has been a really good experience for Austin since he is so quiet spirited and non competitive. Plus it has been a great way to use up some energy! They are so cute at this age (4-6 yrs old)! Today he had his best game! Good job Austin!

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