Thank You!

We want to give a BIG Thank You to all of you, friends, family, & Cutco Staff for all the generous gifts given for the Portland Rescue Mission.Last night we delivered the trunk load downtown with the kids! There sure is a huge need down there.Instead of prayer-walking... we spent the night prayer-driving with the kids.What a great way to spend time the week of Christmas!It really made an impact of a few of the [...]

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Another Belly Blessing!

We are so excited to announce we are blessed to have another Baby on the way!I would heed your prayers for the health of the baby as well as my health!Everyone is so excited for another brother or sister!Baby should be due sometime in August!

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The Nutracker Tradition!

We have a very special tradition in our family...When a little girl turns five, becoming a "Big Girl,"all the ladies in the family get together and go to the Nutcracker!Megan turned five this year so we all got to go with her!What a fun memory with Grandmas, Aunties, Sister, and Mommy!

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A Special Year Closing!

This was a significant year for our North Pacific Division (Cutco).The first Division ever to do $10,000,000 in sales.Amazing Job Team!We are so thankful to have all of you in our lives and feel so blessed to be able to watch you all grow and grow together.Last night we wrapped up 2009 with our annual Cutco Christmas Party @ our Home!The party consisted of the managers who ran offices this year in Oregon & Washington [...]

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Construction in December

I can breathe! Construction was over on Tuesday! We replaced 1/3 of our roof, had our pillars fixed and repainted, and the banister replaced!Here was the house in the midst of construction...Scary! Don't fall KIDS!While we lived in an RV in our drive way for 5 days... the banister was sanded, stained, lacquered! Pee-U! We couldn't breathe!Then we moved back in on Tuesday... got our Christmas Tree...and had our Cutco Christmas Party last night!We made [...]

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So our family is very excited to try to raise sleeping bags, hats & or coats for the Portland REscue Mission this winter. They currently have over 132 men sleeping there with only 50 beds. They are in desperate need for sleeping bags to pass out as well as have on hand to have available.With the days getting colder... we felt the need to get all the people/ resources we knew for this great cause. [...]

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VOM Action Packs

For more info on how you can send an ACTION PACK scroll down a couple posts to find the link.WooHoo! They are in the mail!VOM ACTION PACKS on their way to Sudan!

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Locks of Love

Megan got her first hair cut last night!She is Five now and looks so much older with her sweet hair cut.We took off 12 inches to donate to Locks of Love!

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Megan’s Date with Mom & Dad!

Megan's Birthday is December 6th!Tonight was our traditional birthday date with Mom & Dad!How time flies...I can't believe she is almost five!

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