Choosing to Lead Your Wife

Vision - Alignment - Impact We all know how important vision is, we get frustrated when others in leadership constantly change the vision before any previous ones materialize. We aren’t all made to be tremendous visionaries but anyone can cast a vision and move towards it. If you are a leader, with that comes the responsibility of having a clear vision, sharing it, and most importantly living it out. Early in business I understood the [...]

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Health Benefits of Amber Teething Necklaces

Amber Artisans has graciously donated a baby teething necklace to Leaving a Legacy for one of the readers! How to win will be at the bottom of the post! I was first introduced to these necklaces & bracelets by a friend who gave one to me for my birthday and one to each of my girls.  Shortly after reading up on these little trinkets, I meet a couple moms at church who had their babies [...]

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Merry Christmas from the Tolpins!

I just have to Thank the Lord Jesus for all the good He has done in my life and in my family! Jesus has truly blessed us! I am so thankful this Christmas Season for the clarity of purpose God reveals, I am thankful and excited for what the future holds! And I am so thankful for the blessing & encouragement you are in my life!  Thank you for the heart-felt emails and May God [...]

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Choose to be His Help~Meet Suitable

In my last post "You Are His Help~Meet Suitable" we talked about how you were created to be the best complementary other "half" to your husband..which is encouraging and empowering right!? Today I want to shed light on an area of struggle we help~meets can potentially all have.  The Choice we have to be what we were designed to be. Today I want to shed light on an area of struggle we help~meets can potentially [...]

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“Motherhood is not for Wimps”

I wanted to share this poem I acquired from the Above Rubies Retreat in 2010. I hope you enjoy it! Motherhood is not for Wimps! "There are those who would spurn the vocation of mothers And say it's inferior to the career of others, I'll have to admit that it's not easy work, It's relentless and from it you can not shirk. It takes all your energy to be a mother and wife, It requires [...]

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Shower Him with Confidence Verbally

Here are a few suggestions of ways to encourage your man with words: 1)Write a hand written letter/note and surprise him with it~  on his car seat or anywhere creative! 2) Send him a heart felt email when he really needs it! Thank him for all he does for you and the family! 3) Write praises on his Facebook Wall! Be his Cheerleader and don't be afraid to do it! 4)Any other social media tools [...]

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Encourage Your Husband

As women we have so much influence.  Especially over our husband's self esteem. The world is a rough environment.  No matter where your husband works, it is rare for a man to find a place where they are praised for their work every day.  Often times, men can come home feeling discouraged, beat-up, tired, and/ or unappreciated.  As women we have so much power.  If you have a marriage of strength and your husband feels [...]

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Marriage Pity Parties

Let's think of this scenario for a moment: You get together with a bunch a ladies and one starts it... the negative rag talk about her husband.  Another pitches in complaining, then another... pretty soon it's your turn. Do you chime in with similar pity party complaints? Or are you one of the few that don't tend to focus on the negative things in your husband and find yourself in an awkward environment all of [...]

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What do your Children see?

This concept "What do your children see" can be applied to so many areas of our lives. Today I want to apply to Marriage. What do your children see?  Or better yet, ask yourself this question... What will my children remember as adults when they look back on their childhood? Everyone does it... everyone looks back on how they were raised and with memories of how their parents were "so in love" or "not." what [...]

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Does Your Husband Know He’s Your Hero?

Does He?  Does Your Husband Know He is Your Hero here on Earth? Does Your Husband Feel that you are PROUD to be His Wife? A wife has so much power build her husband up.  To make him more confident.  Are you Building Up Your Man, Tearing Him Down, or are you just stagnate? We have to ask ourselves these powerful questions. Why? Everything we say can potentially tear down his confidence and make him [...]

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