Lamplighter Radio Theatre

Here is an awesome Resource from the Home School Conference last weekend:Go to Lamplighter Publishing to purchase this great deal!There are many deals on their website... this is just one... please go check them out!We have invested in some lamplighter books over the years and they quickly won their way into my heart and my children's. Most of the literature was written in the 1800-1900s and has a uniqueness to it that today's literature has, [...]

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Gleanings from Home School Conference

June 25 Home School Conference HighlightsFor those of you that could not make it to the OCEAN Conference on the 25th,Here are some quick nuggets of wisdom and encouraging humor I gleaned from the Key Note Speaker, Rick Boyer & his wife Marilyn.I just enjoy hearing new speakers on the topic of the education system and raising a family on purpose. It gives me new energy and feeds my vision for what we are striving [...]

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Afton Field Farm Field Trip

Saturday we went to Afton Field Farms in Corvallis Oregonwith our friends the ScottsAfton Filed Farms is an Sustainable Living Farm.We got a hay ride out to see there Broiler Chickens.They only take 8 weeks to raise before butcher so they have a fast turn over!They house 80 chickens per pen!We saw...Honey BeesThey had a huge number of layer hens!Here are the kids running around with them.Amazingly they figured out how to have this many [...]

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Piano Recital

The Kids had their piano recital on Sunday! They had so much fun performing the music they had been working so hard on. This was Kelsey's forth year, Austin & Megan's first year. Good Job Kiddos! If you quickly scroll down to the bottom of the blog you can pause the music... then hear the piano recital pieces by clicking play on the picture.

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Fun Things the Tolpin Kids have been up to!

Getting down & dirty making our own seed starting mix.Recipe: Equal parts-organic compost-perilite-spahgmum moss (optional)cheaper when doing a lot of seeds... makes more! Bonus: Fun for kids to "cook" soil!Water and let sit for 12-24 hours before using...-potting soilAfter scarifying seeds & soaking others for a week and a half... we transplanted the seeds into our homemade seedling mix!Silly times between doing school work... Enjoying one another!The past 2 weeks have been busy but fun!What [...]

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Easter Parenting Resources

There are so many fantastic resources available today for teaching children about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, can't it? I am going to share the majority of what we have been using over the years during Lent and Easter Season.  When intentionally striving to leave a legacy of faith and a deep understanding of Christ, His death, sacrifice, and resurrection, one way to really help impress the [...]

Mosaics for Kids

This past fall I found some great Mosaics for kids!Great detail handy work for young and older kids.Here are the websites where you can purchase and view products as well as watch you tube videos on how to do them.Alea MosaicsMind WareMy kids have enjoyed making gifts for mom and dad that are more of a keepsake. I hope your kids like them too!Here are a few of the products we have done already:

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On the Road Again!

Pictures from our Random RV Trip!A Random Stop to loose some energy at Amazon Playground!I really love driving in an RV! The Wild Animals at the Winston Wild Safari! Drive through style in an RV is where it is at! Lions, Cheetahs, and Bears OH MY! Oh and some rare cappybaras, Rhinos, and EMUs too! Here you see the Buffalo in our road!Across from the Wild Safari is "Noah's Ark!" A restraunt and educational field [...]

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Austin’s Stuffed Apples!

A few nights ago Austin and I made these stuffed apples with left over pie crust dough....they turned out soooo yummy!Here is the recipe:4 apples1/2 cup brown sugar1/4 cup walnuts (chopped up)1 tsp cinnamon1/2 tsp nutmeg1/2 cup butter or margarineCore out the apples, mix all the ingredients together and stuff the apples. Wrap the apples in pie dough, bake in a buttered dish at 375 degrees for 17 minutes.Enjoy!

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Austin’s 1st Building Project!

Tonight Austin finished his first Sailboat!

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