Well the time has come and gone… and with much success the chicks are now acclimated to their new and improved (thanks honey) chicken coop! The weekend before last was our first attempt at getting the chicks outside. What a fiasco! You should have seen us! Or rather me… I spent a good 45 minutes, at least, “chasing” and I do mean chasing those chicks around the hen house trying to gather them up and put them out the little hen door. Imagine me, very pregnant, literally chasing 11 chicks around in circles. They must have had their laughs. I know Kelsey and I certainly did.
The problem wasn’t just in catching them… it was in keeping them outside. They were very reluctant and kept flying back in. Hilarious now… frustrating at the time… until I feel down in chicken poo totally laughing my head off. So Kelsey and I switched jobs after I got about 7 of the chicks. She is our “chicken whisperer!” That girl had the rest out in about 10 minutes flat. I was totally impressed! She didn’t even get her church dress dirty. Way to go Kelsey!

As you can see our chicks aren’t so little any more. They are getting quite big. So big in fact they are going to run out of room on the top perch in the hen house. How funny that they all, all different breeds want to be on the top! Back to building. Woo Hoo! I can’t wait til we have farm fresh eggs!