Happy Mother’s Day to all of You!

This morning as I got up @ 4:50 am… with a sick 19 month old and tried to comfort him in his pain of an upset stomach and such, I realized something. Well I didn’t realize it until about a half hour ago. I feel the Holy Spirit challenging me even at this moment as I share my struggle with you. We as moms have a very special role in the family. Yes, we have all heard how valuable we are. FOX News just had an article out about how the average stay-at-home mom is worth about $117,000 a year. And while we are fully aware of the great responsibility and blessing that comes with being “mom.” There are many unglamourous, tiring, and nerve pinching moments as well. For me, taking care of a family of kids with the stomach flu while my husband is traveling… I have had more of those tough moments than not.

So today is Mother’s Day! And I have to admit I had some expectations. Of my husband, my kids, how the day would work out for “ME.” My expectations have come from many things… mainly last years experiences, what other people tell me they are doing (what I wish I could be doing). But instead here is my life. I wake up earlier than the birds with my sick kid… instead of getting to sleep in. I make breakfast… instead of breakfast in bed. I feed the chickens b/c my sleepy head kids are still in bed. The list goes on and on.

I was really feeling sorry for myself.. in tears even. Oh and grumpy! I was sitting down stairs changing poopy diapers over and over again thinking of all the rotten things I could say to my family… especially my husband. This is where it gets really ugly. I was thinking of things like “Having a Nice Father’s Day” and “how has your morning been… relaxing?” And then it bombed on me… “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” I had a choice, I still do even right now. To keep frowning and snap at people because of them not “appreciating me” on “My” day. Or take on the gifts of the Spirit. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness & Self-Control! And I would like to add in there Graciousness and Mercy.

I really got upset this morning… and maybe it is my hormones a bit too, but I need to change the attitude of my home and refuse to put expectations unfulfilled above the happiness and joy of a day spent together as a family. Especially since daddy is going out of town again tomorrow!

I am not sure if this speaks to anyone or if I am alone on this. But I am praying for God to grant me little blessings today and that I would recognize them and enjoy them even though the day didn’t start out quite the way I wanted!

You know what is funny about my expectations? I never discussed them with anyone, my husband or my kids so they don’t even know what they did wrong. Really it is all in my head. My insecurities of feeling unappreciated, or even disrespected at times. I can only be satisfied in those desires by truly resting in my Father in Heaven. Recognizing my sin and selfishness this morning and asking the Lord and my family to forgive me.