This year we are trying something new. We decided to do one big family birthday party for the kids in the middle of the summer so it is easier for family members who are far away to make it to “every one’s party.” It is a lot easier on mommy too; especially since there are going to be (baby arriving in June sometime) five birthdays between May and August. My third born, Megan was born December 5th, which has its own difficulties right in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So the kids get to choose if they want to have a “kid party” or one friend come over and do something special. Austin choose to have his best buddy Owen come over and spend the night, then the next morning the two daddy’s (Owen’s Dad & Isaac) took the boys to Bullwinkle’s! Both Austin and Owen are on the same soccer team… so cute… 3-5 year old running up and down the field. Then after the game they came back here, jumped on the trampoline for a few hours, watched “The Incredibles” and ate sticky popcorn! The boys had a blast. When they got back from Bullwinkle’s, I heard all about the Bumper Boats, Go Carts, Mini Put-Put Golf, Arcade Games and Pizza. After that we had cake & ice cream and a couple gifts! What a fun but exhausting day for everyone!

I can’t believe my little guy is Five now! He is getting so BIG!