A few days ago a family friend mentioned to me the recent info on plastic bottles, plates and pretty much anything you use in the kitchen or to eat with. She said that she had heard a news bulletin a while ago about certain plastics about to be recalled (stuff marked w/ #1, #6, & #7). As our discussion progressed she mentioned baby bottles. I thought to myself, “Oh, I am so glad I nurse my kids and very, very rarely use baby bottles for at least the first 12 months. At least until I get pregnant again? : )

Once I got home, I started thinking what about sippy cups, water bottles, etc… Now I have to say I haven’t gone through my kitchen totally freaking out checking the bottoms of everything plastic… although it is not a bad idea. I did get motivated to a bit of research though, and to my amazement there is a ton of info out there about baby bottles. In fact, Canada is about to issue and local stores are preparing for a massive baby bottle recall.

So here is the basic low down I discovered tonight…

The main problem with baby bottles is found in the chemical compound “Bisphenol A” (also known as BPA).
Ruerter reports:
It is added to harden, clear polycarbonate plastics like those used in reusable water bottles and baby bottles, as well as… some dental amalgams and sealants. Research on lab animals has linked the chemical to changes in the genital tract, prostate enlargement, declined testosterone levels, pre-cancerous breast cells, prostate cancer, early puberty in females and hyperactivity.

Even though the main research and recalls are happening in Canada; I decided to go to the local Babies R Us just to see if they were selling glass bottles and how much they were, etc…
They did have a very small section of glass bottles… new for them, one of the cashiers told me. She said they just started stocking them around the middle of April. Interesting that April 16 was the day of the news channel reports in “bisphenol A.”

The bottles actually indicate that they are “Bisphenol A” Free! The “greener” choice.
The basic manufacturers they sell were Evenflo (6 pk/ $9.99), Born Free (1 bottle/$9.99), Dr. Browns (2pk/ $12.99). Babies R Us Bottle Info Page

For more info on baby bottle recall here are a few links:
Inch bug (offers BPA free bottles… cool website for baby gear)
Nurture Pure (offers more BPA Free bottles)
Chemical threat in Plastics? (You Tube News Reports)
There are many more disturbing you tube news videos on this topic and the safety of plastic baby bottles as well as pacifiers.

Some of the information available is really serious… early puberty, infertility, cancer, etc…

Now I am of the popular belief that there are may things wrong with the way we live. I do not think it is just one thing that causes so many diseases or health issues. Rather I believe it is a combination of many different lifestyle choices as well as the current state our environment is in. Some of these things are in our control and some are not. However, we can all do our part.

I have been told over the years by family members how bad it is to use plastic, but I always used the sippy cups and plastic plates because of the convienance of them. Now I only have a few things left (mainly sippy cups). I have yet to replace them. Although I have discovered that Diapers Etc… sells BPA free sippy cups, as well as New Seasons Market. They are expensive though. SIGG Water Bottles seem to be a great replacement for sippy cups on the go when you don’t want spills. They are expensive though, $16.99 a water bottle. The benefits are: they are recycable, made from 100% aluminum, and are dishwasher safe. They are also available at New Seasons and on the Diapers Etc website.

I want to end this post with one thought. It is easy as mamas of little ones to get super stressed out over all these terratogens posing harms to our little ones. ultimately though, they are in the Lord’s hands, and we can only do the best we can do, with the strength and guidance from Him! I have been reading this book called “A Slice Of Organic Life” for about 2-3 months now and I get overwhelmed sometimes, thinking to myself, I thought I was doing such a great job, trying to be “organic.” Only to read on and discover I really wasn’t. It can get discouraging. Little by little we can do our part and God asks us to be good stewards of the earth… lest we NOT FORGET that He desires our fellowship more and above everything else. Sometimes I get distracted by good books or issues that hit the news like this one… but God wants us to focus on knowing Him, loving Him, and serving Him. If we can do that he will teach us what we “need” to know and when. He will also give us the self-control and perseverance to change lifestyle habits that might not be the healthiest for us. Whether that be spending too much time on the computer, using too much of the wrong kind of plastic, or eating too much ice cream. Please don’t be overwhelmed by the info I shared. Remember, God is most concerned with the spiritual wellness of your babies and children.