This year I was seriously contemplating whether or not to do the whole produce garden thing this year. When my back went out (herniated bulging disk) in December, I thought there is no way… I can’t bend… good luck gardening. Well God has been faithful to answer many peoples prayers and my desperate cries for healing and I no longer have a herniated disk.

My kids loved eating the fresh veggies during the summer months and I really wanted to do a better job at canning and preserving… though I know nothing about those two topics yet. To make a long story short… they convinced me and we have been growing and transplanting seeds for the past 6-7 weeks now. This would have been the first summer in 7 years that we didn’t have our own produce garden, and though I would have loved to do it on a much bigger scale… I have more than enough on my plate with the anticipation as well as that last month fatigue from the pregnancy hitting me.

Please be praying for my stamina… my husband has been traveling and I am just getting more tired this pregnancy than I remember with the other four. Which I am sure is expected!