The kids had been preparing all day for daddy’s welcome home celebration. Last night marked the last day of 4 weeks and three days of travel (although he was home on most weekends)all over Oregon & Washington to visit his offices. This time of year is hard for us all, but in order for his people to succeed it is the small sacrifice we have to make.
Yeah! Daddy is home now!

Kelsey made daddy a cake all by herself, Austin made the frosting (Mmmm!), then they both decorated it! The kids dressed up so silly for daddy as they waited anxiously by the door! Then time for cake, a serenade by Kelsey on the piano, wrestle and cuddle time for Austin & Megan! (Drew was sleeping)

I am so thankful to the Lord for his protection over all of us during these busy weeks. Especially for bringing daddy home safely! We Love You Isaac!