LALTWWhat is the most important Legacy you want to leave your children?
Have you thought about it?  I have been thinking about this a lot.  It is very obvious for me to “label” the legacy


but the next question I asked myself is where I have been re-evaluating

How do I spend my time with my children?

Since I home educate, I have all day everyday with my sweet blessings; but how much of my time is spent delighting in the Lord?  Soaking up His Word?  Do my Kids interrupt my Alone time with God?  Do they see my time as a cherished time mommy is having with God? What stumbling blocks are in my way or do I think are in my way of preventing me to meet God everyday… during the day… while my kids are with me?

If I believe the most important legacy I could leave my children is faith and relationship with Jesus Christ… how often am I modeling my faith and relationship for them to see?  How often am I leading them into a deeper relationship with Christ, beyond doing the Bible Curriculum, or doing devotions at dinner because its our family routine.  I’m not saying those things are bad… we need to be intentional about learning the word of God and teaching our Children God is in EVERYTHING… every subject in school.  I have just been thinking about how I model my walk with God on a daily basis.  I Love to serve out of obedience… I work hard every day and I diligently teach my children to work hard serving one another as well… however does the Martha in me consume my day… or do I make being a “Mary” and going to the feet of the Cross when I start getting tired a visible daily occurrence.  I model for my girls,  being “busy in the home” because it is what we are called and blessed to do, but as a mom who loves Jesus, we also need and should yearn for time reading the Word of God, his letter to us, and model that desire.

Well the hard truth is simple…

If we aren’t modeling that yearning for Christ and making time for Him, even randomly daily, little spits of time here and there… keeping our Bibles open on the counter… and every second we have a chance glances at this love letter that gives so much wisdom.

If we aren’t doing it…

Well maybe its because that yearning isn’t really alive in our hearts to begin with?

We can’t fake it with kids.

They see it all, the good, the bad, & the ugly.

Do they see you yearning for Jesus every chance you get as if it were your power source or your living water?

Tolpin Family Christmas PhotoMay God Bless the Ministry to Your Family,


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