We are finally on the upswing from getting hit with this SWINE FLU!

I am finding myself eating my words; when I made fun of how people were freaking out over this H1n1 scare.
“It’s a pandemic!”

Well that “pandemic” got a hold of one Tolpin and made its contagious way through the lot of us over these past 2 weeks.

So to make every thing we have gone through worth something. I desire to help you, the mom, get ready for or treat this virus as best as possible without the Tamiflu.

The Symptoms very from one person to another but ours where fairly similar among each of us. You can look up symptoms on- line easily, but I will say one thing. Once you have it… you know you have it, because there isn’t anything quite like it (Or at least anything I have personally experienced).
We were told from on-line sources that if you have the H1N1 you “won’t typically” have certain symptoms… not true. We tested positive and had symptoms that the ‘professionals” said were only typical of the seasonal flu.

My personal belief because of seeing it first hand… I agree that most people will contract this virus. So you need to get prepared!

2 Very Helpful Books:

Doctor Mom’s Natural Healthcare for Children
by Kathy Duerr

“Homeopathy” An A to Z Home Handbook
by Alan Schmukler

There are many good ones out there… these 2 are my favorite of the 4 I have!

Of the 2 books, I used the second more during the swine flu period.

Basic Things you can do to build up immune system:
Vitamins (C, B-6, B12, D, all of them really)
make sure you have a good source of Zinc for vitamin absorption
Eat Healthy ( no fast food / restaurants– we think we got it at a nice restaurant on a Sunday night)
Excercise & Sleep Well- Nap

Golden ticket item: Dr. Zeff (my naturopath) has made a H1N1 tincture from the nosode
call his office and they can mail you one ($10 per bottle)
Salmon Creek Clinic, Washington

He also has a seasonal flu tincture and flu prevention (each $10)

What kind of things should you have on hand to treat symptoms of the H1N1?
Epsom Salt (Lots of it)
Vick’s Vapor Rub (lots of it)
Electrolyte drinks
Frozen Chicken Broth or Chicken Noodle soup
(made ahead of time so it is easy to serve)
lots of clean towels
Tea (throat Coat, chamomile, peppermint, cherry bark)
Elderberry Syrup (for sore throat)
Cough Drops
Salt Crackers

Common Homeopathies:
I have only used Boirin Homeopathics
(instead of giving full tube of contents.. my dr advised using a capful every hour- your choice of course)
Belladonna (30c)
(for a fever with red heat face.. sudden fierce fever- also headaches)
Gelsimium (30c)
(for a fever where there is drooping teary eyes.. pale face… fever high… hands cold)
Aconite (30c)
(you can use this for sore dry cough/
good to give as soon as you see symptoms of flu)
Nux Vomica (30c)
(vomiting… constipated… tummy upset… oversensitive to light and noise-irritable)
Spongia Tosta (30c)
(for croupy cough)
Antimonium tart (30c)
(wet-non productive cough- thick mucus in lungs)
*Eupatorium Perf (30c)
(for aches and pains in body… hacking cough)
Phosphorus (30c)
(when pneumonia threatens- )

Post Influenza Remedies:
Phosphoric Acid (30c)
(seems both tired physically and mentally)
Influenzium (9c-200c)
(use lower numbers for post flu… 200c for preventative (
once a week))

Above all of these those is the homeopathic tincture for sure…
these are homeopathic pellets you can give one pellet every hour as needed generally speaking… if you have questions just ask… I may not know the answers but if I do praise the Lord I can help!

Other Treatments to be done while Ill:

Wet-Sock treatment:
Learned from Dr. Mom’s Book:
Soak feet in warm foot bath (I add Epsom salt for detoxing), while feet are soaking having a pair of socks soaking in a bowl of ice water.
After ten minutes or so of soaking, ring out ice cold socks put them on feet and put wool socks on top. Hop in bed for the night and for a common cold you should feel better by morning! It works like a charm… for swine flu… it gives reprieve from the 4-5 day long fevers.
This shocks your body slightly… you’ve got to try it!

Learned from Dr. Zeff
Take a hot towel 9as hot as person can stand and ring it out and lay it on torso (wherever ailment… I have also used this for mastitis and it works great).
Then once the towel cools have someone bring you and ice cold towel rung out as well and place it in same place after removing first towel.
Leave until it becomes warm.

This is great for reducing fever quickly.

Just a side note on fevers, I tried everything to reduce their fevers… even tylenol and children’s motrin. I stopped after a couple usages because it only brought the fever down by .2-.4 , not a significant enough number for me to justify continuing use.

Vick’s Vapor Rub:
so most people know to put good old vick’s vapor rub on a kids chest when they can’t breathe through their nose at night. My grandma, who was raised on the farm, taught me this trick when my son Austin was getting croup chronically.

You take a liberal amount of Vick’s and massage it onto the child’s feet. Then you put their socks on and put them to bed. Helps with any coughs… especially croupy ones! Plus kids like getting their feet massaged!

drink lots of good water… we personally use Kangen Water (alkaline ionized water)

If you have this and you have these weird symptoms which we had…

Legs attacked by virus ( yes it happened to my nine year old for 2 days and I gave her Eupator. Perf every ten min for 3 times in one hour and then every hour after that and she slowly got her ability to stand on them and walk. It can be scary but most likely it will go away. Worth going to the doctor for that though… they need to rule out that it did not get into the child’s spinal cord by doing their basic, non invasive tests.

Another weird thing that happened to all the kids was eye sensitivity and head aches…horrible head aches! Our three year old though, woke up with an eye totally swollen shut ( he looked like he just got in a fight with Rocky). My naturopath had me give him Pulsatilla (30c)… within five minutes the burning and itching went away and he could sleep. He woke up looking totally normal.

Above all else we found ourselves on our knees in prayer. Drawing closer to the Lord! he hears our cries and the cries of our children. it is always scary to have kids with super high fevers over a long period of time (we are talking days at around 103.5). Remember that a fever is healing… I think of it as cooking the flu to kill it!

Lord, protect our dear friends and their little lambs!
Put your hedge of protection around them that they might be spared this horrible illness! Give all of us wisdom in how to care for our children! Let us help one another and work as the Body of Christ on Earth to serve one another. Bless those who have so graciously served our family. Protect them Lord!

May you have a healthy Fall & Winter!
Any other suggestions please feel free to leave a comment!