Last week was such a beautiful week. We took total advantage of and went on many field trips. What a fun week for all the kids.

On September 27th we went to the Philip Foster Farm for their annual Apple Cider Press Day! What fun to see friends and eat a picnic lunch on one of our last summer days!

Thursday we went to the Zoo with our new Nanny Sarah! I couldn’t have done it alone Sarah… Thank you!
Luke had his official first “Zoo” Day!
Another beautiful day!Grrrrrr! We are Bears!

Friday October 5th we went to the Philip Foster Farm again for their Home School Day! We meet up with our friends the Scotts. It was so good to them again.
The kids got to saw off a piece of wood and have the blacksmith burn a smiley face on it, they ground corn again, made apple cider, and got to listen to stories of the “good old days” in the “rain.” It was still totally fun!