Dear Fellow Home Schooling Families,

I have to write to you to tell you how much my kids and I have been enjoying this curriculum we are using this year. It is truly a treasure. Thank you to Ann Dunagan for listening to the Lord and sacrificing your own time from little ones, ministry and time with your husband to create this. My family is definitely benefiting from it and I know a few others who are as well. For more information on getting this curriculum visit Ann @ or you can check out her blog @ http:/ she has added books to the curriculum on this site.

For you busy moms (or dads) that are homeschooling… the thing I love the most about this curriculum is the easy one paper day outline. It isn’t overwhelming and easy to use. No teacher’s manual 4″ thick. Every week we study a different Geographical area in the world along with it’s dominant religion. Sometimes the focus is more an era in time. It is so much fun and being that it changes weekly it is easy to stay excited about what you are teaching and easy to keep the kids interested. Every week we do at least one craft, have new people to pray for and learn more about God and his church through the ages as well as around the world. I love that this curriculum leaves me room for freedom to add what I want to as well. Kelsey my 8 year old has been really enjoying reading Janet & Geoff Benge’s Missionary Biographies. She has read George Mueller (August), Gladys Alward (August), Eric Liddell (September), and is working on Douglas MacArthur (currently reading) and Amy Carmichael (currently reading together).

Here are some pictures of us after our second full week enjoying our Jewish meal. The kids especially enjoyed drinking Grape Juice out of wine glasses.

In case I did not mention it this curriculum as well as a VBS curriculum is available at Harvest for FREE! I hope that a few of you check it out at least! Ann has also written a few books Titled “The Mission Minded Child” and “The Mission Minded Family.” I have only read the first one I mentioned and I loved it.