What a Relief...Oh how I have wanted to simplify!Every 6 months or so I go through the house with the intention of simplifying...I have a long way to go but I have at least 4 rooms decluttered as of yesterday!Oh boy does it feel good!This always seems like a necessity for me as I am about to start a new school year with the kids; although we teach many things year round.There is something to [...]

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Drew is 3!

Happy Birthday Drew!Yep He's 3 years old as of yesterday!This little man managed to potty train himself in 2 days last week...just before he turned 3.Thanks Tata Ambar for those Spiderman undies...They were the motivation to go potty on the potty chair for the first time.Drew hasn't looked back since.How funny... how if you don't stress about it... they do it when they are ready!Here is Drew on his date night out with Mom & [...]

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Interview with Sally Falon

I would just like to share with you a neat interview I found this morning.I was doing some grocery shopping at Azure Standard Online (bulk organic and pure shopping at affordable prices) and found a recent interview with Sally Fallon, Author of a book I am currently trying diligently to digest.She is the author of Nourishing Traditions, a cookbook/ educational book on healthy diet. She teaches on subjects like Minerals and Vitamins, what the different [...]

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The BIG 30!

I AM 30!I have to brag on my husband a bit here!Friday morning my husband told me he didn't have time to plan anything for my 30th birthday because we already had soooo much going on this past weekend (1 family birthday party for all our August birthdays, 2 weddings, my brother's graduation party, and church). I didn't get upset but I have to admit I was a little disappointed. After all, You only turn [...]

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Congrats to Steve & Julieanne!

Saturday Steve Folin & Julieanne Byemantied the knot!It was a beautiful ceremony centered on Christ!It has been a pleasure to get to know these two talentedand motivated people.May the Lord bless your marriage and keep your hearts faithful to one another and Himself.May you always keep choosing to hold one another dear as you seek God's heart for your life together.In the hard and the good times, may you glorify Jesus through your reactions and [...]

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The Blessing of Bounty

The Lord is blessing all our hard work last April and May when we started our seeds indoors! The kids are having such a great time outside this summer reaping our harvest. This is the first year we have planted early enough that we have been reaping for months now. This is the height of our season though. Now through September.The only problem is the WEEDS!And Boy Do WE Have Some!When we came home from [...]

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August Birthdays at the Tolpins

The month of August is a busy one...Its Kelsey's Birthday(on the 3rd)She made a no dairy chocolate cake with peppermint frosting for our family birthday party last night! It was so yummy!Drew's birthday is the 24th of August!Here he is almost 3 years old with Big Brother Austin, Nana and Gigi (Great grandma)!On the 17th I turn 30!Here are a few pictures of our together family party we had last night!My brother Tim fished & [...]

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The Best Vacation we’ve ever had!

We Just got back from our best vacation ever! Eleven days, just us the kids and NO DISTRACTIONS!Many of our friends have had similar adventures and they rave about what a gift simplicity is when you can only take the "necessities" with you.Now I can understand fully! It was great to just cuddle kids as we travel because there are no weeds to pull, no dishes to do, and the cleaning is so minimal since [...]

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Kelsey turned NIne!

Oh, I am feeling my age now! Kelsey had her ninth birthday yesterday.Happy Birthday Sweetie!We Love You!

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