Capturing the Moments before Baby

What better- than a favorite flower- Black Eyed Susan given as a gift from my daughter- to make the cutest heart over my heart!My delights and joy in my life!I have always wanted to have Maternity Pictures taken...to remember the days of pregnancy...capture the precious memories wSadly, as I looked into photographers, I was always concerned about how indecent the pictures were and that it wouldn't really capture Us!Plus there was always the $$$ issue.I [...]

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"The American Way"

Tonight I was getting caught up with some friends blogs and ironically my friend, Brenda wrote this post, which totally fits in with what my last post was about... "Work Ethic!" I can't tell you how many times Isaac and I have had conversations with friends on this same issue Brenda. Your post was very tastefully written and sums up a HUGE issue today's parents need to recognize. You are totally fair and right to [...]

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Work Ethic & the Vineyard

Many people ask us about the Vineyard...Did we plant it? What kind of grapes are they? Why did we choose to have a vineyard? Did we grow up on Vineyards? How do we know what to do? How much time does it take? Is it a lot of work? What are you doing with the grapes?Here is some of our story...Most people we would randomly meet in the course of life either say things like, [...]

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Expanding the Egg Business

Kelsey has long been dreaming of expanding the egg business!She has been blessed with an abundance of customer requests...so yes we have a waiting list!Since we would have to expand the current living structure for the chickens to have more we aren't able to take on baby birds now.However, thanks to our friends the Knifongs we did get to inherit 2 young white leg horns... they aren't laying yet, but soon Kelsey anticipates 2 more [...]

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The Girls are Helping Get Ready for Baby

We have a few little boys that LOVE Blankets in our house! Well Actually all of us do.When Winter comes we live in blankets... with a nice smelling warm fire... we wrap up in blankets, sit on the sofa, and read, read, & READ!On any given day you can find Kelsey wrapped up in a blanket, on the floor or on her bed... doing her math (often times more math than she is assigned), Austin [...]

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A Special Date with Megan

Megan is my little artist at heart...as well as my lovey girl!She is the kid in the house that needs more affection and attention at times lately.She used to be so "easy"... never really had tantrums... which I thought was b/c of child training, but have realized after having more than 3, that I was just very blessed with having a gentle quiet spirited daughter. Now that she is 5 and a half ( which [...]

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Announcing Mr. & Mrs. Tim Knutsen!

Congratulations Tim & Tonya!Thursday my brother exchanged vows!We love Tonya and are so excited for them.The kids can now call her "Auntie Tonya"Four of the kids got to be in the wedding!They had so much fun getting dressed up!Our prayer for you is that as you begin this journey of marriage and oneness, you would strive to pursue one another and Christ. Don't settle for the goal of "surviving" marriage and being part of the [...]

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Masters School of Art Camp

Last Week Austin & Kelsey attended "Art Camp" for the first time. I first learned about MSOA 3 years ago at one of the home school conferences. I was so impressed by their approach of teaching technique and variety of classes, but my children were not yet old enough. Well they have expanded, they are closer now.... meeting in the downstairs of Sunnyside Foursquare Church. They have classes starting in the fall... everything from Celtic [...]

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Onion Poltices

Allergies, colds and a horrible cough!The night before last Luke woke up around 3 am with a horrible cough.It was one of those coughs that gags and scares a parent into bringing the child to bed with you.After trying water and seemingly appropriate homeopathies an hour later he was still coughing and gagging... about every 20-40 seconds.I looked up alternative treatments for whopping cough in my homeopathy books and learned about an Onion Poultice.So at [...]

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Luke’s 2!

Happy Birthday Son!He's Getting So Big!For His Birthday he got his BIG Bonk!It Totally suits his personality...Rough & Tumble!That's what you get when you are playing hard outsideall the time!He's All Boy!

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