I Sinned Against My Husband Part 1

I sinned against my husband. Maybe you have too? It was a normal Saturday morning, and I got up to make breakfast. In my heart, I wasn't doing it because I wanted to. I had hungry children. As I stumbled out of bed, that's when it began... the resentment. Why was I the one getting out of bed to cook? I am just as tired as he is, I thought to myself. As I walked [...]

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I’m Married to an Entrepreneur & We’re Still Happy

For those of you who don't know my husband Isaac, he is an entrepreneur at heart. This is just how God wired him. He's a natural born leader, an innovative thinker. And people like him, don't THRIVE being put in a box. Who does really? But you get my point. For the entirety of our marriage, Isaac has enjoyed being in the business of 'building' people. Anyone who has ever been married to a self-employed, [...]

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Thriving Marriages Choose Growth

Two things I want you to take from here today: 1.) Free Handouts to use as a tool to engage your marriage as a team and create your mission/vision statements and objectives. {Click to Tweet} We are offering some of the exercises we use in our marriage seminars for couples to use as they continually dream together, evaluate where they are individually and as a marriage team.  2.) Thriving, not surviving, but thriving marriages, choose [...]

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Becoming a Supportive Wife

My husband and I were on a date a few weeks ago, and we decided to spend some time going through our calendars, getting caught up.  We don't usually do this sort of thing on dates, and my husband would probably tell you he wasn't really excited about the idea of going through our calendars, but once we began talking through it, I told him, "This is really helpful for me to know when I [...]

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Choosing to be a Supportive Wife~ Becoming that Great Woman Behind Your Great Man

Every business has its busy season. As a entrepreneur's wife I understand all to well how hard those busy seasons can be on a marriage and family. Traveling, late nights, unexpected changes in schedule, and having to be constantly available (phone/computer) can take it's toll. There are many sacrifices that those who build businesses make in order to make their dreams a reality. The next few posts I write are for those women who are [...]

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Becoming that Great Woman that Builds Up Your Great Man

"Behind every great man is a great woman." Unknown Don't we all think of our men as great? At least most women did at one point or they wouldn't have married, right? :)  The truth is that deep down inside every man, is a greatness.  That same great God created you with a unique greatness as well. And He chose you to be the match, the team mate for your great man. Do you view [...]

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Intentionally Leading with Vision~ Core Christian Parenting Fundamentals

What is the Vision you have for your family? Do you envision having a close knit family; where your daughters are there for each other, taking care of each other after they have a baby, or watching one another’s children for date nights, etc...  What about your sons, could they maybe work together?  Or will they want to get there families together because they actually like each other and it is not just something they [...]

Purposeful Parenting #8- Competitiveness

The Spirit of Competition.  Many are scared of it, many have been hurt by it; and yet on the other hand many don't see any problem with it, in fact they believe teaching competition is a good thing. How do we handle this as parents?  Are we watching for the spirit of competitiveness among sibling relationships? Is competitiveness between siblings modeled in the bible? In Luke 15, we come to the story of the prodigal [...]

HelpMeet Training 101: REAL MEN DON’T WEAR PINK

As wives we are designed and chosen by God to complement our husbands.  As you know, this doesn't come naturally... it's a choice.  It's a choice that comes with a fight.  Women have a long history of battling a desire for control and leadership over man in general, but this temptation is strongest and most readily present in marriage. Genesis 3, the Fall of Man, the very first sin... Man and Woman were punished for [...]

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Social Media Accountability | Marriage on a Mission

As many of you know my husband and I have tinkered around in social media a bit... Our Story:  About 9-10 years ago my husband started a blog, not because he was excited about blogging as much as he was about getting me to blog. So after a few months of editing his content, I gave in and created the "old" Leaving a Legacy blogspot. I went through seasons of more engagement than others, like [...]

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