Another Belly Blessing!

We are so excited to announce we are blessed to have another Baby on the way!I would heed your prayers for the health of the baby as well as my health!Everyone is so excited for another brother or sister!Baby should be due sometime in August!

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The Nutracker Tradition!

We have a very special tradition in our family...When a little girl turns five, becoming a "Big Girl,"all the ladies in the family get together and go to the Nutcracker!Megan turned five this year so we all got to go with her!What a fun memory with Grandmas, Aunties, Sister, and Mommy!

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Locks of Love

Megan got her first hair cut last night!She is Five now and looks so much older with her sweet hair cut.We took off 12 inches to donate to Locks of Love!

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Megan’s Date with Mom & Dad!

Megan's Birthday is December 6th!Tonight was our traditional birthday date with Mom & Dad!How time flies...I can't believe she is almost five!

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Isaac turned 34!

Isaac You Are Many things to Us...My Best Friend and Lover!We know how to have a good time...A Visionary at Leaving a Legacy of Hard Work, Integrity, and Devotion to Christ and His calling!A Loving Son and Brother!You are a loving and strong man!A optomistic believer!A fun dad!A caring dad!You love Jesus!You know how to play hard with the kids!A loyal friend!You know all the fun guy things to do!A DYNAMIC LEADER!Happy Birthday Honey!We love [...]

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The Best is Yet to Come

September 19th!Our Ten Year Wedding Anniversary!THEN!NOW!HERE ARE OUR BIGGEST BLESSINGS IN THE PAST 10 YEARS!The past ten years have been full of the Lord's blessings and provisions as well as productive growth & ministry. I eagerly look forward to the next 90 years with you Isaac!

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Farewell Kirsten

Farewell Dear Kirsten...We will Miss You More than you will ever know!This is Kirsten...She has been our help throughout the summer and the past four years. It has been such a delight to watch her grow up. She began babysitting for us when Megan was a baby. Now she is all grown up and headed off for Whitworth this week for her first year in College.What a Blessing she has been. My marriage is so [...]

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August Birthdays at the Tolpins

The month of August is a busy one...Its Kelsey's Birthday(on the 3rd)She made a no dairy chocolate cake with peppermint frosting for our family birthday party last night! It was so yummy!Drew's birthday is the 24th of August!Here he is almost 3 years old with Big Brother Austin, Nana and Gigi (Great grandma)!On the 17th I turn 30!Here are a few pictures of our together family party we had last night!My brother Tim fished & [...]

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The Best Vacation we’ve ever had!

We Just got back from our best vacation ever! Eleven days, just us the kids and NO DISTRACTIONS!Many of our friends have had similar adventures and they rave about what a gift simplicity is when you can only take the "necessities" with you.Now I can understand fully! It was great to just cuddle kids as we travel because there are no weeds to pull, no dishes to do, and the cleaning is so minimal since [...]

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Kelsey turned NIne!

Oh, I am feeling my age now! Kelsey had her ninth birthday yesterday.Happy Birthday Sweetie!We Love You!

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