Isaac teaching Austin how to carve a sail boat. Austin has been very dedicated to working on this the past week.

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Encore!What a fun ending to a year of ballet, tap & gymnastics!

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Austin is 6!

Thursday Night Austin had his 6th Birthday!This year we were so blessed to have fellowship and fun with a few families!What a party! Four families= 24 kidsThen friday night Isaac and I took him on his birthday date which is a Tolpin Family tradition. What a blessed boy...he got to have his date with Nana & Papa to Cold Stone as well!Happy Birthday Son!

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Our 2nd Last Supper

  Last year we celebrated Maunday Thursday by having a Passover Meal together. It was such an awesome time of reflection and really helped to make the crucifixion real to the kids so we decided to make it a tradition.  Our 2nd Year Passover Menu: Unleavened Tortillas Grapes Potatoe Latkes Garlic & Onion Baked Tilipia Charoset Recipe for Charoset: 3 med. sweet apples grated 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 1/4 cup grape juice or red sweet [...]

Good Boy Moses

Last week Isaac and I watched Moses and Luke bonding...I just couldn't believe how gentle Moses was!He just knew to be gentle with the baby.For all of you who wonder if you could have a puppy with little kids...well it is a lot of work.Let me say that again...IT IS A LOT OF WORK!But it is moments like this when it makes it all worth the work.Moses had his second birthday in Feb.I can't believe [...]

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Another Day in Prague!

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Hello From Prague!

We arrived in Prague two days ago....We have enjoyed seeing Prague Castle, Monastery, Astrological Clock, local food and so much more!

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Luke’s 1st Tooth

This week was a BIG week for Luke! After turning 6 Months old he got his 1st taste of brown rice cereal and got his first tooth!

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We R Home!

Thank you to all of you for your prayers for a safe and wonderful trip to Kauai! Isaac, Luke and I had a very restful time. Here are just a few highlights from the past five days.This was the view from our balcony! Yes that the massive, beautiful pool we were so blessed to enjoy for a few days!We spent a couple days exploring the island when Isaac wasn't in meetings. On the East side [...]

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Aloha from Kauai

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