Capturing the Moments before Baby

What better- than a favorite flower- Black Eyed Susan given as a gift from my daughter- to make the cutest heart over my heart!My delights and joy in my life!I have always wanted to have Maternity Pictures taken...to remember the days of pregnancy...capture the precious memories wSadly, as I looked into photographers, I was always concerned about how indecent the pictures were and that it wouldn't really capture Us!Plus there was always the $$$ issue.I [...]

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Announcing Mr. & Mrs. Tim Knutsen!

Congratulations Tim & Tonya!Thursday my brother exchanged vows!We love Tonya and are so excited for them.The kids can now call her "Auntie Tonya"Four of the kids got to be in the wedding!They had so much fun getting dressed up!Our prayer for you is that as you begin this journey of marriage and oneness, you would strive to pursue one another and Christ. Don't settle for the goal of "surviving" marriage and being part of the [...]

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Luke’s 2!

Happy Birthday Son!He's Getting So Big!For His Birthday he got his BIG Bonk!It Totally suits his personality...Rough & Tumble!That's what you get when you are playing hard outsideall the time!He's All Boy!

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Saving Babies 2010

Saturday was a fun day in Portland as we participated in the 2010 Steps for Life Walk-A-Thon!My mom joined our team to raise money and help us with the "walk!" The kids had so much fun... thanks for joining us mom!The PRC was blessed by receiving around $122k...Thanks to all of you who sponsored our family in the walk. Look at how much joy they get from "Saving Babies!"

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Austin is Seven!

Happy Birthday Austin!My second child, my first born son turned seven yesterday!Here are some highlights from celebrating with him...Our date night with Austin...Dinner @ California Pizza Kitchen, a trip to Home Depot to use his birthday gift certificate from Gramma and Grampa (Thanks guys... great idea)... adding to his tool collection... a trip to the bank to exchange all Austin's coins from over the past year or so. He has basic chores around the house [...]

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My Mother’s Day Gift

Oh, I am so blessed...My husband woke up this morning got on the tractor and started tilling the land,leveling it for the building of MY GREENHOUSE!Yeah! I am SO excited!The Greenhouse was my birthday present last summer and I have been just waiting to use it!It's going to be a busy weekend around here!Thank you Honey!

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Drew’s Bug’s Baby Scrapbook

As a mom of almost 6 little ones I am WAYYYYYYYBehind in Scrap booking...Who isn't right!?I had given up completely a couple of years ago for the sake of "parenting" my children instead of scrap booking... which is what I would have had to be doing all the time in order to properly archive every photo I took. He, He.... I like taking pictures!A friend of mine mentioned this online scrap booking company called smile [...]

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Ultrasound Results

Results are in!Our newest addition...due August 10-13th...Is A...2.79CM LONG FOOT!ANDALSOOURBABYBOY!

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On the Road Again!

Pictures from our Random RV Trip!A Random Stop to loose some energy at Amazon Playground!I really love driving in an RV! The Wild Animals at the Winston Wild Safari! Drive through style in an RV is where it is at! Lions, Cheetahs, and Bears OH MY! Oh and some rare cappybaras, Rhinos, and EMUs too! Here you see the Buffalo in our road!Across from the Wild Safari is "Noah's Ark!" A restraunt and educational field [...]

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Baby’s 1st Picture

Here is Baby's First Picture!We are officially in our 2nd trimester!Baby is Due August 13, 2010 as of Ultrasound!

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