I must be Dreaming…

It's a Really White Christmas!That is right we have about 15 inches of snow!

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It’s The Season To…

Make Cookies, Fudge & Candy...Pack & Ship Cookies, Cards, & Gifts...To Wrestle & Dance to Christmas Music...To Think & Pray for & Help Others in Need!This year our church made Hope to others Bags for us to keep in our car ready to give to those less fortunate. A good idea for all year round that we will be adopting! How powerful to meet the needs of people even in this small way. If you [...]

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All I want for Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth…

2 in 24 Hours!That's Right... He lost another one tonight!Wrestling with Dad No Doubt!

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A New Tradition: Apple Squeezin’

The past two years we have made apple juice @ Isaac's dad's house. The look forward to it now as a tradition!

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The Hard Work is Done! For Now!

Now we can rest until January... Pruning Season!We did it! We are done with the hardest part of planting our Vineyard! The trellis system is up, the plants are in the ground, the grow tubes are protecting every yearling, and they are secured to the wire! Yeah! Thanks be to God for holding off the rain until 20 minutes after we finished tying the last grow tube to the trellis! Isn't He amazing! Here is [...]

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The Best Pumpkin Patch Ever!

Today Isaac and I took the kids to the Best Pumpkin Patch We have ever heard of. What a blast! The pictures speak for themselves!One of the best parts about this farm was all of the exotic animals! Everything from Emu, Walluby, Servall Cats, Huge Turkey (talking 42lbs huge), bunnies, pigs, goats, sheep, reptiles, alligators and our favorites... a baby lion and toddler tiger! There was so much to see I can't list it all. [...]

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Thursday we finished planting all 1,386 plants!Friday morning was beautiful out in the vineyard.. a gentle fog lingered over the dirt.Welcome Autumn!

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Tuesday Tolpin Team Work

Everyone in the FAmily worked soooo Hard yesterday! There was planting of the first section, and picking up the containers, watering each plant individually, putting the stakes back in... and for baby Luke he was so good in the stroller (most of the 7 hours...)Great Job Guys! Mom and Dad are soooo proud!We went to Olive Garden at 8 last night to celebrate a hard but successful days work.Today we plant the second section! Thank [...]

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Planting Day Has Come

Tuesday Plants arrived @ Noon!

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Field Trip Week

Last week was such a beautiful week. We took total advantage of and went on many field trips. What a fun week for all the kids.On September 27th we went to the Philip Foster Farm for their annual Apple Cider Press Day! What fun to see friends and eat a picnic lunch on one of our last summer days!Thursday we went to the Zoo with our new Nanny Sarah! I couldn't have done it alone [...]

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