“A Labor of Love”

Ethan’s Birth Story

After weeks of feeling like a “ticking time bomb” the day finally arrived. As the Sunday morning bustle commenced, I focused inward, trying to “read” my body. Was this the big day? Kids showering, getting all cleaned up for church, packing bags and all the usual details of the morning, but with added pleasure of Gramma’s company. As Sarah & Isaac held down the fort I went for a little walk out in the Vineyard & around the property. It was a beautiful day and I seemed to noticed more of God’s beauty than usual. Even the weeds looked extra healthy…and I didn’t mind; instead I marveled. As I walked I would stop every few minutes to “focus.” I still wasn’t positive if I was going into labor. After all I had been dilated for weeks and for the first time, I was overdue. I was certain the baby was going to be huge. My last two were in the high 9 pounds and they were early and on time. A natural fear entered into me for an instant, what if this baby is 11 pounds and posterior again? Then as I kept walking, a song entered my heart (“Deliverer” by Vicky Beeching), the fear subsided and I felt strong. I had a confidence the Lord would be my strength, even if I had none.

I called my midwife and talked to her as Isaac was loading the kids to go to church. At that point I wasn’t have regular contractions, instead I was just feeling pressure, but it was coming and going in waves like contractions. Adele was on her way to church so she told me to text her with updates. Just ten minutes later I was texting her, “This is the Real Deal, meet you at birth center.” As the kids were riding bikes outside and enjoying time with Gramma before she was going to head back home… I felt like we should get to the Birth Center. Things began to progress quickly within the next 15 minutes. Isaac, Kelsey, and I headed for Andaluz Water Birth Center while Sarah waited for Keziah (our awesome helper through out the past 5 months) to stay with Luke & Drew. Then once Keziah arrived to take care of the little ones at home, Gramma Sarah brought Austin and Megan to the Birth Center.

Meanwhile, as we were driving to the Birth Center I could tell things were slowing down for me. As is usually the case when I get in the car to go. But I was ready to take this on, so I had Isaac pull over a couple times so I could get out and squat and use gravity to keep things moving along. We even managed to stop at Burgerville for Isaac to have a quick Burger! Kelsey was our contractions timer. She loved it, it was exciting!

Once we got to Andaluz things started to speed up fast. We had enough time to settle in and get my “birth music” playing. I always have a playlist of songs for labor and delivery that I pray over the weeks before. I go through the lyrics and meditate on them. Since birth is such a spiritual experience for me it is only natural that I would have worship music to meditate on & help me focus on the Lord while I am “bringing forth man.”

All of my births were amazing experiences, each one unique. This one I would characterize as blessed of the Lord of Mercy. The Almighty was gracious to me and had mercy on me. He heard the cries of my pregnancy & blessed me. He new the desire of my heart was to glorify Him in all things… in raising this child he choose me to mother and to glorify him in labor and delivery. That I would be able to pass on a strong legacy to my daughters and my son who were there. Kelsey and Megan were both in the room with us and got to participate in the labor and delivery. Austin was there for most of the time. He went out when I first got in the tub and then came in and met his new baby brother immediately after his birth. I can not tell you how special it was to have my daughters there with me. Megan (5 yrs) had her hand on my shoulder, Kelsey(10) still timing and offering homeopathy loved being a part of this. To have them singing and worshipping with me and witnessing the birth of Ethan was an experience I look back on with so much delight.

Raising hands to worship the Lord through a contraction, praying to the Lord when I came upon the self-denial stage, and experiencing all of this with my husband. He was my main coach. Isaac was a gentle but strong man during this birth. He got to be in the tub with me this time because I didn’t have the desire to be on my knees. He came in and held me up so I could float. I am certain this added in relieving pain in my back, as well as speeding up the process of birth. Ethan descending so quickly and I can truthfully share it was one of the easiest births even though he was 9 lbs 1 oz. Isaac delivered Ethan… the first one he personally delivered and he did a great job. We enjoyed hanging out in the tub for about 40 minutes… just praying, and embarrassing the moment.

Ethan was born in a 1 hour and 45 minutes from the time we got to the Birth Center. His birth was the second fastest of all my births, but was the most enjoyable. After his birth the first thing I cried out was “The Lord had Mercy on your Mother!” I meant it. I was amazed… my back didn’t hurt during the delivery at all. That was a new experience for me. In my mind it was my “perfect” birth. I praise God Almighty for his Strength, Nurturing, and Mercy.

I would like to share the lyrics to the song that Ethan was born to. Each of my children has birth songs. It is so special for me to remember their births when I hear these songs… it brings back the beautiful memories of these most spiritual times in a my life. In my mind, the birth experience is the only experience in a woman’s life that can challenge her so deeply, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It affects the mind, body and soul in a way like no other. My heart has always been to purposefully dedicate this event in my life to Jesus and invite Him to be present and in charge.

Here are the Lyrics to a Song that means so much more to me now that it helped me stay focused on Christ during Transition.

“My Beloved”

by Kari Jobe

You’re My Beloved

You’re My Bride

To sing over you is My delight

Come away with Me My love

You’re Beautiful to Me

So beautiful to Me

Under My mercy

Come and wait

Till we are standing face to face

I see no stain on you

My child

You’re Beautiful to Me

So Beautiful to Me

I sing over you My song of peace

Cast all your care down at My feet

Come and find your rest in Me

I’ll breathe My life inside of you

I’ll bear you up on eagle’s wings

And hide you in the shadow of My strength

I’ll take you to My quiet waters

I’ll restore your soul

Come rest in Me and be made whole

You’re My beloved

You’re My Bride

To sing over you is my delight

Come away with me my love

“Lord’s Prayer Deliver Us”

by Selah

Our Father in Heaven hallowed be Thy name

Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done

On earth as it is in heav`n

For Thine is the Kingdom

Thine is the Power and Glory forever

Forever amen.

Give us Lord give us

This day our daily bread

And forgive us forgive us Lord

Forgive us of our debt

For Thine is the Kingdom

Thine is the Power and the Glory forever

Forever amen amen.

Lead us from temptation lead us from

Temptation but Deliver us Deliver us

From evil to thy salvation

For thine is the Kingdom

Thine is the Power and the Glory forever amen.

Thine is the Kingdom Thine is the Power

And the glory forever forever Amen Amen

These songs along with many others on my “birth play list” were such a comfort and made labor & delivery easier and I was able to focus on God and experience His strength in my life as I sang and worshipped Him through the contractions. Sometimes just being quiet and not singing, but listening and focusing on the words helped me to totally surrender to Christ being in control of Ethan’s birth. I believe that when a woman can surrender to the process for which God created their body to function, birth is much easier, not easy by any means, but easier and more delightful. If you go into childbirth with the anticipation of meeting God there, it can be exciting and you can walk away feeling empowered. Empowered knowing you were created for this good work.

I will share Ethan’s Song on my next post!

I hope you are blessed by the music playing…

I tried to put some songs that were mentioned in these posts and that were included in my birth music play list.